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Top 10 Highest Paid Models in 2013

Top 10 Highest Paid Models in 2013Top 10 highest paid models are being searched quite a lot lately so we have brought a list of such models for you. After going through the most famous Hollywood actors and the highest paid actors, let’s find out about the highest paid models.
These are the most beautiful and most influential women of the world. They have ruled millions of hearts for several years. These highest paid models are considered as the role models by many women out there.
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Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in USA

Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in USAAmerica is one of those countries which have people from all over the world working there to make a living for themselves and their families. There are so many ways of making money and people have found great jobs in USA. These jobs range between medicine, engineering and business. People from all professions are a part of this highly paid circle and enjoy all the luxuries of the life. On the other hand, they get to serve the nation and humanity to the fullest.
Here we have top 15 best paying jobs in USAfor you to kick start your life and boost your earnings. This might help you to choose your profession correctly and benefit others from it.

Success Story of One Pound Fish Man – Muhammad Shahid Nazir

One Pound Fish ManDid you ever think of a fisherman turning into a millionaire? Do you know what a single catchy song can do? No! Well, in Muhammad Shahid Nazir or more appropriately One Pond Fish Man’s case, everything turned out to be possible and probable. This man proved to be very lucky! No one can stop those who are actually favored by their luck!
The success story of One Pound Fish Man is an amazing and unbelievable story. The guy who used to sell £1 fish on someone else’s stall, now sells his own singles! Wow! What a turn of tables! From an innovative fishmonger to a YouTube sensation, this man has done wonders and made everyone tap their feet on his beat! He opened his doors just when the right opportunity struck him!

10 Ways to Market a Top-Selling Application on App Store?

10 ways to Market a Top-Selling Application on App storeApp Store is one of the biggest market places these days with millions of successful apps residing there. Making a place in App Store isn’t that easy. You need to follow the review guidelines and your app as different and classy as possible. There is no room for replication and old school apps. You will to work intelligently to make a separate place for yourself. Start working effectively and make use of your intellectual mind, it will surely pay you off well!
In order to make your app a big hit, here we are sharing 10 ways to market a top-selling application on App Store. If you follow these steps, you will surely end up making a successful app.

Eye to Eye Exclusive Interview – Tahir Shah

Interview with Tahir ShahAfter the phenomenal success of ‘One Pound Fish’, we now have a new music sensation ‘Tahir Shah with his Eye to Eye’. This is another video which has become viral on the social media and everyone has been sharing and posting it to their friends. People crack various jokes about the lyrics but no matter what people say, this man has ruled the social media for weeks!
However, the reaction of the people wasn’t very encouraging for Tahir Shah but still he got a huge spot on the social media. Due to his fame and successful music venture, we are now featuring his interview. Hope you all like what he has to say!

10 Tips to Increase App Downloads on PlayStore and AppStore

How to Increase Downloads of your App on PlayStore and AppStoreThere are millions of apps being downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore each month. There are a huge number of developers making apps and uploading them but yours must stand out the crowd. In order you make your app a unique and different one, you must follow our guidelines and tips to Increase Downloads of your App on PlayStore and AppStore.
If you are developing an app then keep in mind, making an app is just the first step! You need to do a lot of homework. Make sure you have a great app and you love it more than anyone else, then only people will love it and download it more!

5 Ways to Get Special Abayas for Ramadan Online

5 Ways to Get Special Abayas for Ramadan OnlineAbayas are in high demand since the last few years and more and more ladies are trying out these really cool and comfy abayas. Due to the high demand of abayas and their increase in sale during the festive occasions, we are sharing 5 ways to get Special abayas for Ramadan Online. This will surely help you to get awesome abayas online!
Many of the big brands and designers have started launching their abaya ranges and have made models walk on the ramp wearing their abayas. You can choose from those branded abayas or opt for the reasonable one, it is totally up to you. Just follow our ways and have a happy shopping!

A Closer Look on the Life of Gangnam Style’s PSY!

life of Gangnam Style’s PSYThere are two ways to get your hands on popularity, fame and limelight, that is, either by hook or by crook, and these days, the latter one is much easier to enjoy an overnight-fame and prominence. The man, who ruled the universal music charts with his incredibly different pop song ‘Gangnam Style’, is still loved for it and has survived to be in news with his outstanding track. PSY is one of top listed singers who have given something way too unusual to the music industry where we see the South Indian Tamil song ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’of Dhanush and Pakistani ‘Eye to Eye’ by Taher Shah following the same strategy.

Why Blogging is the Best Job for Girls?

Blogging is Best for GirlsBlogging is a big word with so much within. People have their own versions of the definition of this term. Everyone has his own understanding of the word ’blogging’. To a certain extent, all of them are connected somehow. Blogging is not only about sharing news and technologies; it is also about sharing your life’s events and experiences with the readers.
Blogging is good for all. People from any age group can opt for blogging as their full time career. For girls, blogging is the best job! Having a blog has no restrictions! It is totally different from running a website. Owning a blog and website are two completely different things.

How can Blogging Destroy your Social Life?

How Blogging can Destroy your Social LifeBlogging is fun! Blogging makes you blot out whatever you have to say without making you come on stage. It is a completely new experience with so many awesome things to do. Blogging is one of the best jobs for everyone. It is beyond the boundaries of age and culture.
With blogging being one of the best jobs, it has some pros and cons as well. If you end up being an addict of blogging, you might destroy your social life. Yes, that’s true. If you find it surprising, we will show you how blogging can destroy your social life.
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10 Famous Fashion Brands with Global Outlets

10 Famous Fashion Brands with Global Outlets
Fashion is one of the few things which keep on changing with time. Rapid fashion swings are very common these days since people are more following them. Teens and kids are the biggest consumers of all the famous brands and popular fashion designers. They have contributed a lot in their annual income.
Looking at the number of internet searches some brands get and their popularity among the world, we are sharing 10 famous fashion brands with many global outlets.
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28 Unbelievable Facts about DJ David Guetta

unbelievable facts about david guettaOut of many popular DJs in the world, there are only a few who deserve receiving fame and credit for their phenomenal piece of work been done in the field of music and one of them is the successful, the sensational David Guetta. These days when it seems more like a trend that music is been used as a stair only to receive popularity, worth-listening music and appreciable rapping is a rare thing to expect from the newcomers.  David Guetta is a popular DJ who enjoys being among the top 10 richest DJs in the world with a net-worth more than $30 Million. Here are a few unbelievable facts about DJ David Guetta that his followers might have had missed so far. Have a look!

Why Justin Bieber has such a Huge Fan Following?

Why Justin Bieber has such a Huge Fan Following
Justin Bieber is a very big name in the music industry. With so much success at this early stage, Justin Bieber manages everything quite well. He is the heart throbe for millions of people. Teens admire, adore and look up to him as their role model. This young talent has done wonders with his hard work and luck. He is another good instance of success and glamour at the right time.
Do you know why Justin Bieber is so popular? What is his success story? What is so different and unique in Bieber? Well, if you really are his fan then you probably know a lot about him but if you are not, then you fall for him after reading his story.
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Prince George of Cambridge – Britain’s Royal Baby

Prince George of Cambidge - The Royal BabyPrince William and Kate Middleton are the most beautiful royal couple with the cutest Royal baby. They are the proud parents of a healthy and beautiful baby. The world is full of excitement with the birth of this new royal member. Everyone wants to know every niche of the royal life of this new born.
Despite himself being a Prince, the royal father wants to raise his child away from all the royalties and make him a part of the ordinary world. He wants to keep his son safe from all the leisure and extravaganza. Let’s see what he can do, so far what we see is that, the baby is a celebrity right from the beginning!

Guccio Gucci – one of the Most Popular Fashion Brands

Guccio Gucci - Popular Fashion Brand
Guccio Gucci is a famous Italian Fashion Brand which is more famous as Gucci. It has driven many people crazy by its classy fashion and stylish range of leather goods. Gucci is another name for extravaganza!
Gucci has become one of the most popular brand in 2013. The reason behind its success and all the people behind this awesome brand are amazing. Gucci offers great goods and craftsmanship worldwide. It has become famous for its stores around the globe.  Let’s check out what Guccio Gucci has in store for you!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Classy Lifestyle of James Gandolfini

James GandolfiniClassy Lifestyle of James Gandolfini is what attracts everyone around! He is one of the most famous and popular American actors of all times. He started off with stage and then moved to films. His life has a lot interesting and amazing stuff.
His death is a great loss for the film industry and everyone grieves about it. His sudden death is a big trauma for all. Let’s find out about how he lived his life as an actor and what made him so popular!
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Watch Live Tarawih Prayers from Makkah

Watch Live Tarawih Prayers from MakkahRamadan Kareem is a month of physical and spiritual rejuvenation, recuperation, and restoration. It is a time when around 2 Billion Muslims around the world unite together in a Holy ritual that is fasting. But more than that, it is a month whereby Allah showers His countless blessings on any Muslim that is seeking them. During this month, Muslims around the world fast during the whole day, and indulge in the worship of Allah at night, and offer the Tarawih Prayers. As always, in this Ramazan, we will share with our Muslim readers all around the world a direct streaming link whereby they can watch the Tarawih Prayers Live from Makkah! Listen to the beautiful voice of the Imaan-e-Kaabah and experience the spirituality that you might have been missing out!

10 Things to Look for while Buying a Diamond Ring

10 things to look for while buying a diamond ringDiamond is said to be a girl’s best friend. Every girl wants to have at least one in her life. A diamond ring is a girl’s priced possession. After sharing tips for housewives and ladies out there, the next big thing is just round the corner. Here, we have 10 things to look for while buying a diamond ring.
Buying a diamond ring can be complex for both men and women. Since the diamond comes in different sizes, colors, cut and shapes, it gets very difficult to settle for the perfect one. You always need an advice and a sound knowledge before opting for one. So follow our tips and guidelines and own a beautiful diamond ring. Have a look!

10 Websites to do Cheap Eid Shopping!

10 Websites to do Cheap Eid ShoppingEid is the most festive and awaited occasion for the Muslims all over the world. Eid is a gift for all the believers after fasting in the Holy month of Ramazan. Despite having so many differences, people get united on this big occasion and celebrate it with full energy and life!
Apart from all the religious preparations, people also begin to shop for Eid. Eid shopping includes home decor, loads of grocery, new outfits, matching accessories and all that you can think of. People give presents to each other and a lot more!

Top College Degrees that will Make you More Money

Top College Degrees that will Make you More MoneyCollege degrees are what make you earn most of your money. Half of the people spend their whole lives by making a living out of their college degrees. Studies reveal that out of all the jobs, graduates with an engineering background are more likely to cash in their skills when they hit the market. Therefore, people tend to work hard to achieve a good college degree so that they earn a handsome amount and lead a comfortable life.
Here we have some top college degrees which show the average salaries as follows. These will surely motivate you to go a long way in your professional career. Have a look!

7 Secrets used by Facebook to Make Money

7 Secrets used by Facebook to Make MoneyFacebook needs no introduction! It has become one of the giants in social networks with millions of users each minute. The popularity and success of Facebook needs no words. Every now and then, something new keeps popping up. It has a whole new world of apps and activities happening all over the world. Facebook is playing a vital role in bridging the people from all parts of the world and providing ways to get a job.
Did you ever wonder what Facebook actually does? How does it make money? How does it have such a huge network? Let’s find out!

5 Crispy Ways to Make Money during Holidays

5 Crispy Ways to Make Money during Holidays_thumb.jpgMake money during holidays and make good use of your skills during the holidays. Instead of spending all your vacations in fun and entertainment, all the youngsters should opt for something creative and worthwhile.
The weather at times might be unfavorable for outdoor jobs so we have some crispy ways to make money during holidays right from your homes with your own desirable working hours. You will be free to work, whenever you want to and from wherever it is feasible. You just have to follow our five ways and earn extra money.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

7 Cool Apps for People who Love Shopping

7CoolAppsforPeoplewhoLoveShopping_thumb.jpgTablets are the most widely used devices these days! With just a tap, you can land in a stratosphere of different applications. Once you land in there, you will probably get lost in this whole new world. You need to have a set of some appealing applications to go through.
Here we have 7 cool apps for the people who love shopping. These are some selected apps for all the shopaholics out there! These coolest apps are selected on the basis of their unique design, great ideas and social media interaction. You will be amazed to find out these awesome apps!

5 Crispy Ways to Make Money during Holidays

5 Crispy Ways to Make Money during Holidays_thumb.jpgMake money during holidays and make good use of your skills during the holidays. Instead of spending all your vacations in fun and entertainment, all the youngsters should opt for something creative and worthwhile.
The weather at times might be unfavorable for outdoor jobs so we have some crispy ways to make money during holidays right from your homes with your own desirable working hours. You will be free to work, whenever you want to and from wherever it is feasible. You just have to follow our five ways and earn extra money.
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

8 Smart Ways to get a Job using Social Media

8SmartWaystogetaJobusingSocialMedia.gifSocial media has made lives easier for the employers and the employee. Most of the employers are using social media to hire people. Social media profiles are being used as resumes and social media connections are being used as personal connections.
Being an easy and more comfortable option, people are moving more and more towards using social media to get the jobs and hire the employees. 40% of the young professionals are seeking for jobs using social media. You can successfully get great jobs by following our smart ways to get a job using social media.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

7 Simple Ways to go from $0 to $1,000,000 in Two Years

7-Simple-Ways-to-go-from-0-to-1000000-in-Two-Years.jpgMoney making with a new business is not an easy task these days. You need to have the right business tactics and an intellectual mind in order to turn into a billionaire. At times, being a millionaire is quite a good option as well but why land among the stars when you can reach the skies.
There are many ways to earn money and cash out your skills and talents but here we are sharing 7 simple ways to go from $0 to $1,000,000 within two years. Yes! Just two years! Your dreams can actually come true!
You will have to work hard, follow the norms and keep your customers happy to have a successful start up.  If you follow our ways, you can surely reach the top!
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Monday, 1 July 2013

How can Teenage Girls Make Money by sharing Beauty Tips on YouTube?

How can Teenage Girls Make Money by sharing Beauty Tips on YouTubeWith the rapid growth of smartphones and internet enabled televisions, YouTube has emerged as the next big thing for all the online teachers. The youngsters are piling up thousands of pounds by uploading their videos and running other advertisements. For instance, the videos include football skills, beauty tips, game tricks and lots more. This is one of the most comfortable ways of making money online.
For teenage girls, sharing beauty secrets on YouTube is easiest way to make good money by staying at their place. Since all the girls of this age are following the top models and famous brands, they do not need to do much homework. Therefore, today we are talking about how teenage girls can share beauty secrets on YouTube.
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