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10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes You’ve Ever Seen!

Most Expensive Basketball ShoesGone are the days when athletes would put on just any pair of sneakers, and go about their game routines. In this era where Technology has taken major leaps, innovation hasn’t been restricted just to the latest computers or nukes. Sports technologies have also seen major changes in the last decades, and now is an era of specialization. As compared to sportswear that was more or less the same some two or three decades ago, today, each sport has its own specific gear that athletes, and enthusiasts like to wear. Basketball shoes, for example, are different from other types of shoes, because Basketball involves a lot of jumping. So they can be characterised by layer of Gel and air underneath them that help lessen the impact of all the jumping. And these specially designed shoes aren’t without their cost either. Ever wondered how much they cost? Well, here are the top 10 most expensive Basketball Shoes you’ve ever seen!

10. Nike Air Force I – $2,500

Nika Air Force 1
You won’t find these beautiful red and black sneakers in a shop. Most of these beauties are sold at auctions, or used as give-==away gifts. So you can very well expect the buyer of these shoes to put them in a showcase rather than wear them.

9. Air Jordan XI – 2,700

Manufactured in 1995, the Air Jordan XI was worn by legends such as NBA’s Joe Johnson. To date, these remain the most popular sneakers with enthusiasts, mostly because they’re cheaper than their other more expensive counterparts, and also because they can purchased online.
Air Jordan XI

8. Adidas Golden KB8 Selection -$3,000

Adidas Golden KB8 Selection
Made in 1995, these shoes were intended to be used for the 1998 Slam Dunk Contest. The name KB8 is honour of Kobe Bryant (number 8), but the line was renamed to Crazy 8 after Kobe left Adidas in 2002. Kobe never actually got around to wear them, and hence only two pairs were made before the line was cancelled altogether.

7. Air Jordan III – $4,500

When it came out, the Air Jordan III featured the now iconic Jumpman logo, an air unit at the heel and leather finish. Michael Jordan, who wore these shoes, went on to have a stellar year with them, winning a memorable Slam Dunk contest, grabbing the All Star Game MVP award, and bagging the Defensive Player of the Year honour.
Air Jordan III

6. Air Jordan VI – $7,200

This is the last of the Air Jordans with the Nike Air logo. It featured reinforcement materials in the toe area, two holes in the tongue and molded heel to protect the Achilles tendon.  It came in five different color combinations, namely black/infrared, white/infrared, white/carmine black, white/sport blue and off white/maroon.  It was the shoe Jordan used when he and the Bulls won the championship against the Lakers. The white/carmine black version now fetches $7,200, as it was the color Jordan used during the 1992 Olympics that featured the original Dream Team.
Air Jordan VI

5.  Air Jordan I – $8,000

A pair combining metallic white and metallic silver was released in March 1985. It had pearlized leather and only 1,200 were created.
Air Jordan I

4. Air Jordan V – $10,000

One of the most unique pair of shoes with unique features such as reflective tongue, clear rubber soles and convenient strap lock. Jordan wore the only pair of Air Jordan V during games, a rare black and silver metal design with 23 at the back and was never sold in stores anywhere. I don’t know how much models there are produced, but you can find one in some shoe-collector for $10,000.
Air Jordan V

3. Nike Air Mag – $12,000

Nike Air Mag
In the 1989 hit movie “Back to the Future,” the hero, Michael J. Fox wore a pair of these futuristic sneakers. Nike decided to sell out the merchandise, and made about 20 pairs, each valued in at $12,000. These are some of the coolest-looking shoes you’ll ever find!

2. Air Jordan I – $25,000

The Original Air Jordan I originally came out in a Red/Black design, and are extremely rare, with only 12 pairs ever made. Each pair is personally signed by Michael Jordan with a water-resistant marker.
Air Jordan 1

1. Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 – $30,000

Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1
Standing in at a whopping 30,000 dollars, these Nike Special Edition shoes are the most expensive ones money can buy. With only 25 pairs ever made, these shoes were dedicated to, and signed by one of the best Basketball players, Kobe Bryant. Nike says they will donate 10% of the income from these shoes to charity.

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