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35+ Websites to Visit If you are Jobless or Unemployed

websites to visit when joblessBeing jobless itself is more than a misery and the financial crisis it introduce further spoil the talent that one possess. If you are enjoying boredom these days and do not have anything creative to make a use of your skills then what you really need to do right now is to explore the online platform to avails thousands of opportunities that can pay you pretty well. Here is a smart list of 35 websites to visit when jobless or unemployed that can really help you in earning your livings.
These websites share its revenue with it members, therefore, if you are free and interested, you can even make money from a couple of these websites.
Have a look!

1)About.com: Job Searching

It’s time to move on and try variant options from designing to writing it has it all, take a chance and give it a shot.


It’s a community where everyone is like you. If it’s getting hard to manage the budget when you are laid off and looking for options, here you can find the serious full term options alternatives.


Sometimes all what you need is a chance, and eHow has it for you. It has tones of articles boiled with tactics to options for you, which could spark an idea to get a job instantly.

4)Employment & training Administration

If you can’t find contacts of employee’s here are the tones of contacts landed for you to contact. Search the job, career center, online career resources, etc., via the America’s service locator.


It’s time to sit back and enjoy your retirement. Pick up a hobby you always wanted to do and live it with the people who want it as well but like you, were waiting for a partner.

6)PlentyofFish and okcupid

Get your mind off of working and find yourself a partner if you had never enjoyed due to working. It’s time to pack, pick an affordable date and enjoy the boss free days.


Give yourself a break and relax. Deviate your mind of losing your job, sit back and enjoy the short funny games for free, live the moment.


Are you spending over your budget? Do you need to track your finances and manage budget? Here are tips for you to follow the moves smartly and live happily.

9)Department of Labor Health

Soon you are going to get retired and unemployed? Here are the benefits you can smartly get without scratching your head.


When it’s about managing a budget when you are unemployed and tracking your online finance activity, here what you can do, you can manage and track budget based on category spending.

11)Careeronestop unemployment Benefits Map

Are you living the days of independence? Free from job and responsibilities then here are the benefits what you can get from the golden days of your life.


You may hold yourself getting a thing by looking at a price tag but now no more refraining from buying, here you can find discounts and freebies on random assortment of items.

13) Smartmoney.com

When you are in crunch, every penny matters. Find a move and start your own business with little tactful investment.

14)Freelance Writing Jobs

So what you are not going to an office you can turn into a freelancer and start writing articles, columns, uploading videos. Start your own blog and do it. It really works.


Explore it and look inside you. You may find an option that you are best at, and so that could your next spot to retract some extra bucks.


There are many naïve freelancers, looking for consultancy on prize of few bucks, here is the best option for you to explore. Give it or take it for few bucks.


So what you lost a boss, here is where you can find another one for short term. From painting to web designing, the site has contractors, who are willing to hire you.


Reminder! Enlist, organize, manage your business cards and contact and remind them via an email that you are pleased to work with them again.


Knowing too many people is always wonderful, they could either give you a wonderful company or few ends up owe you a favor. It’s time to let the world know that you’re looking.


Use it if you haven’t use it yet, create and organize a pink slip party, let others know that you are looking for a job and do some homework by entering a relevant job keywords.


Are you looking to meet big bosses but can’t find an access to a conference, here are the list of conferences in your industry, if you are low with cash and looking for a free pass, here is what you can do, ask to be one of the organizing members.


Have you been going out and roaming around in search of a job? Here is where presence matter, the site has extraordinarily comprehensive list of events where you can find your potential client. You just need to stand up and talk.


Are you one of the techies spending hours on computer? It’s time to get out in the real world and shake hand. The site enlists tech events and gatherings in your area, be part of it, let others know that you are the best option they could have.

24)Australian JobSearch

If you are going to spent your days of unemployment in Australia, it is best a place for you to seek a tones of reliable government jobs.


It’s where you can redeem a treasure of jobs. The site search and aggregate the websites for job postings so you don’t have to search for the sites always. You have the bank, you just need to dig in.


Whether you are good at trending jobs, police officer/mechanical engineer/salesman/freelancer jobs, whatever it is, search jobs from company sites, web and job boards from over 8,000,000 jobs.

27)Mashable’s Career Toolbox

One of the favorites of many unemployed preys, Find a job from comprehensive listing and descriptions of website, ready to hire you.


Whether you are a recent graduate, or individual with disabilities currently unemployed and looking for a job, here is a best option for you to explore if you are living in America.

29)DirectGov (UK)

It’s one the multibillionaire site from where you never return empty handed. Find a job with a universal job-match, the best part is you don’t need to hold an account to find a job but later you might need your government gateway number.

30)Mashable’s Job Board

A list is incomplete without Mashable’s job board that has the most extensive list for you to review and hunt a job.


If you the metrics and have been excelling into web designing or copywriting, it’s time to give it a try to custom web designing. The site has quite popular clients ready to hire you.


Are you one of the techies spending hours on computers and have been indulge into software making, then it’s time for you to extract from your library and sell them here.


It is a world’s recognizable and largest online market place for freelancer skills and talents. Find yourself a job that suits your skills.


The site has many vacancies for you to fill in but beware to check to the country and city before signing up for a job.


It is one of the most popular website to search jobs in Pakistan according to the type and location of job. You can find the most demanding jobs over the hot job board, the site has eminent boss directory.
Therefore, this collection of 35 Websites to visit when jobless will surely get you something better from your current job in terms of earning!
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