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Top 10 Most Popular DJs in the World in 2013

How true the saying goes that music has no boundaries! No matter which country or continent you live in, whether you are a student, a housewife or a rich businessman, there is a universal language that unites all of you as one and that is, undoubtedly, Music. It has been seen lately that people are following some great musicians and artists, making them the most popular DJs in the world. It might sound amazing, and meanwhile shocking enough to see that the popularity of these DJs do not depend upon their net-worth, in fact what makes them popular is their reputation among the audience.
Here is a list of most popular DJs in the world with their updated net-worth according to the statistics been revealed in 2013.

1)      Skrillex

Nationality: American
Net-worth:  $8 million
Skrillex popular dj
Owning a real name Sonny John Moore, Skrillex is known as an electronic musician, singer and songwriter. He started his career as a solo artist back in 2007 and since then, entertaining his fans with every piece of work he launch. He is the 21st richest DJ in the world with a net-worth of $ 8 Million and enjoys the first rank in the most popular DJs in the world. Up till now, Skrillex has won 6 Grammy Awards.

2)      David Guetta

Nationality:  French
Net-worth: $25 million
David Guetta DJ
This French DJ is ranks second among the most popular DJs in the world. Pierre David Guetta co-founded Gum Productions in 2002 and came up with his first album ‘Just a little more love’, which is still followed by his fans. Few of his hit singles include ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘nothing but the beast’, ‘Turn me on’, and ‘Getting over you’. You can imagine his fan following by the fact that he has actually sold around 6 million albums and up to 15 million singles worldwide.

 3)      Calvin Harris

Nationality: Scottish 
Net-worth: $10 million
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris is known as a DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Making his debut with an album ‘I created Disco’ in 2007 and enjoyed much of the recognition for his first move.

4)      Deadmaus

Nationality:  Canadian 
Net-worth:  $12 million
  Joel Thomas Zimmerman or Deadmaus is a  producer and performer. He made his debut in 2oo5 with his album ‘Get Scraped’. He is currently one of the most popular DJs in the world and holds a net-worth of $12 million.

5)      Moby

Nationality: American
Net-worth: $28 million
Moby  is known as a  singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and photographer.He have been supporting animals and have spoken much about their rights. Up till now he has sold around 20 million albums worldwide, which is really a big deal.

6)      Armin van Buuren

Nationality:  Dutch
Net-worth: $40 million
DJ Armin van Buuren
He is a Dutch music producer and a popular DJ who is followed by more than 20 million weekly listeners in 26 countries only to be accurate enough. He also hosted a weekly radio show that made him more popular among his fans. He has a net-worth of $40 million and he is a rich man-indeed!

7)      Avicii

Nationality: Swedish
Net-worth: $6 million
 Avicii is a well-known DJ, record producer and an outstanding remixer. He was ranked as the 3rd most popular musician and dj in DJ magazine in 2011.

8)      Tijs Michiel Verwest

Nationality: Dutch
Net-worth: $65 million
Tijs Michiel Verwest
 The man who stands as the 8th most popular DJ according to the latest statistics is the world’s richest DJ with a net-worth $65 million. He is a dutch musician, DJ and remixer. Often known as DJ TiĆ«sto, founded the label ‘black hole recordings’ in 1997.

9)      Kaskade

Nationality:  American
Net-worth: $3 million
He is a DJ and a record producer who enjoys his work and is a popular figure in his niche. Though the net-worth is comparatively less than the other competitors, Kaskade still is a heartthrob of fans all over the world.

10)   Swedish House Mafia

Nationality:  Swedish
Net-worth: $4 million each
Swedish House Mafia
The combination of these three DJs, Axwell, Steve Angello and Sabastian Ingrosso is what you know as Swedish House Mafia. The band was formed in 2008 after which every member of this trio is known for his skills.
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