Tuesday, 25 June 2013

5 Exciting Tips To Sell Kurtas and Indian Sarees Online!

Sell Kurtas and indian Sarees onlineIf you are a businessman running a shop or an outlet and sell Kurtas and Indian Saris, then you can simply maximize your earnings by turning your shop into an online platform. Thanks to the concept of Online Shopping, an online business works like magic and can give a real boost your income significantly. How about thinking out of your city and country to sell your special clothing? Idea is amazing, isn’t it? If you deal in embroidery, handwork, Kurtas, Sarees, Eastern wear skirts, Shilwar Kameez and Silk wears, you have a huge audience to focus all over the world.
There was a time when business extensions were a serious problem that included the cost constraints and other legal issues, however, things look pretty easy now and here are 5 exciting tips to Sell Kurtas and Indian Sarees Online and enjoying potential customers placing an order online.

1. Create a blog/ website

People will get to know about your existence only when you will tell them loud about it. Think of a small shop that sells the best quality clothe but there is hardly anyone outside the street who knows about it. Therefore, the old concept of “good quality attracting invaders” seems to be obsolete now. What brings you sales is the fact that how well you are known in the market. Once you tell your customers that you are on for online orders, you definitely need to build an effective website where you can showcase your masterpieces.
You can also build a blog where you can share all about the latest fashion and colors that vary with season. This increases your credibility and a chance that people would likely follow you. Try learning from the existing sites that are offering same services to customers to know your competitors in this niche too.

2. Establish Online Transactions

Dealing with an online business requires you to have a grab on the useful resources available. Once you are done with showcasing of your products on your website, you need to tell the potential customers that they are eligible to order for products online and can also pay through credit cards or Bank wire. You need to have an online account or a valid bank account to receive the payments too.

3. Offer free Shipping

There is hardly anything hated which offers something free. If you are ready to sell kurtas and Indian sarees online then how about offering free shipping within the country and low price outside the country? You can include the shipping cost within the selling price in such a way that customer feels special by knowing that there is no surcharge of buying an online dress and getting it on his doorsteps. You can use TCS, OCS or other logistic services for shipping.

4. Market yourself on Facebook

Once you plan to turn your small business into an international brand, marketing on social media is really an important thing you should not miss. All you need to do is to create a Facebook Fan page and share your latest happenings, latest products and reviews on the social media. You can hire people for managing your pages and keeping them alive. There are about billions of users of social networking sites who might be interested in asking what you are actually offering.

5. Distribute brochures

With an online marketing, it is also important to do a little hard work in the real world too. Get your brochures printed and distribute them free in malls, food outlets, parks so that people get to know about your services.
No matter which ever business you are doing, try expanding it with an online touch to enhance your future earnings, availing a real big platform,
Best Wishes

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