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Make Money by Watching Movies and Writing Reviews

make money by watching movies and writing reviewsMaking money online is no more a difficult game to play, in fact, if you are truly a money maker and want to cash every bit of your talent, there is nothing stopping you from generating decent dollars for yourself. Have you ever thought of getting paid for watching latest movies and letting people know a little about how actually the movie was? If not, then here comes a new way to make money by watching movies and writing reviews on them. Although there are thousands of other ways through which you can enjoy some better results but again, there is nothing like free lunches and to enjoy great revenue, you need to invest great time, quality and efforts too.
If you are a movie freak and love to watch the latest movies, if you think you are good at criticizing the flaws and appreciating an outstanding project, then you can simply earn up to $10 for writing a movie review for websites that pay handsome for doing so.

Why to write movie reviews to make money?

If you are making some money through the alternative strategies of earning through an online platform, having this question seems justified. It is important to understand the real you and your abilities before you choose your earning strategy. Think of a poor writer applying for writing jobs on freelancing sites or a busy student aiming to make AdSense revenue by posting once in a week. This would surely do no good to him as every domain has its own requirements in terms of time and quality.
If you know you love entertainment and think you cannot do justice to any other online program of making money, then watching a movie for fun and writing a review in an hour is certainly an easy thing you can do whenever you have some spare relaxing hours.
There are many entertainment websites that offer review writing jobs but 3 highly recommended websites in my list are, yahoo!voices and
Let us discuss each of them in detail.


Just like any other article submitting website, say squidoo or hubpages, xomba pays its review writers on the basis of PPC (Pay per Click) strategy. All you need to do is to write a brief review about the movie and publish it at You need to have a Google AdSense account to get your revenue been generated.
write movie reviewsat xomba
What happens is, Google Ads are placed with your review and when someone follows an ad link while reading your review, you get paid each time.
The only drawback of using this site is that there is no consistency or guarantee in earning. You might get a good deal someday but nothing at all the next day!
Tip: Try picking most happening topics to write on

Yahoo! Voices

Previously known Associated Content is now what you know as Yahoo! Voices. All you need to do is to sign up for an account and post your articles related to different domains, including movie reviews under the review section.
write movie reviews at yahoo!voices
The mechanism of payment is a few cents for every post initially but once you increase your worth by your creative content, you can then enjoy a nice daily income.
The idea is still new and unfamiliar, resulting in limited number of viewers visiting your work. However, when things are under the banner of Yahoo or MSN, keep your morale high!
Tip: Focus on quality and try breaking reviews as soon as possible after the release of a movie trailer or movie, itself!


write movie reviews at helium
People who are doing this work as profession consider Helium to be the best of all. You need to get your title approved by the team by applying for a review to write. Here, as stated above, things are professional and a review should be of more than 400 words. The site pays quite decently per review but getting your hands on a topic is something difficult due to the presence of already working writers who act as your competitor.
Tip: Try to be the first one to write on latest movies
So you see that even watching movies can be a source of income if you are looking forward to cash your hours and make money by watching movies and writing reviews.
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