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Official Profiles of Popular DJs in 2013

official profiles of popular DJsFollowing your favorite celebrities and keeping a track of everything that is related to them is not a new trend but people of all ages have been doing so according to the resources available. Thanks to the online platform, the celebrities can now target a global audience by sharing their work, successes, achievements, days and what not with their fans. However, like any other category of celebrities, there are a lot of unofficial profiles of DJs that are made by fans. Here are some official Profiles of popular DJs that include their official website, the official Facebook Fan page, Twitter, and MySpace profiles.
Enjoy the most reliable list of Official profiles of Popular DJs and follow your favorite DJ without falling for false accounts!


Skrillex official profiles
Official website: www.skrillex.com
Official facebook fan page:www.facebook.com/skrillex
Skrillex is one of the widely followed DJs and is the 21st richest DJ in the world with a net-worth of $ 8 Million.

David Guetta

David Guetta official profile
Official website: www.davidguetta.com/
Official facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/DavidGuetta?fref=ts
Guetta is a famous French DJj who is known for his great work in the field of remix and has sold around 15 million singles worldwide.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris official
Official website: www.calvinharris.co.uk
Official facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/calvinharris
Calvin Harris is a well-reputed DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He made his debut with an album ‘I created Disco’ in 2007.


Deadmau5  official profile
Official website:www.deadmau5.com
Official facebook fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/deadmau5?fref=ts
Also known as Zimmerman, Deadmaus is a  producer and performer. He made his debut in 2oo5 with his album ‘Get Scraped’.


Moby official
Official website: www.moby.com/
Official Facebook fan page:www.facebook.com/mobymusic
Often see speaking about animal rights, Moby is one of most popular DJs in the world, and one of the most richest too!


Kaskade official
 Official website: www.kaskademusic.com
Official Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/kaskade
He is a DJ and a record producer who enjoys his work and is a popular figure in his niche. His immense good looks has resulted in a huge female fan following, making him one of the most popular DJs.

Swedish House Mafia

Swedish Mafia House official
Official website: www.swedishhousemafia.com
Official Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/swedishhousemafia
Followers: 4,941,537
The group of these three DJs is one of the highly followed band on different social media where their fans love to know all about them.

Armin van Buuren

Armin van buuren official

Followers: 5,395,889
This Dutch music producer and a popular DJ owns a net-worth of $40 million, making him one of the most earning DJs in the world.


Avicii official
Official website: www.avicii.com
Official Facebook Fan page: www.facebook.com/avicii
Followers: 3,589,921
Avicii is a well-known DJ, record producer and is known for his outstanding remixing. He was ranked as the 3rd most popular musician and dj in DJ magazine in 2011. He enjoys huge fan following on different social networking sites.
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