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10 Highest Paying Jobs in Hollywood

Highest Paying Jobs in HollywoodHollywood is a big place and all the people working there are bound to be some extraordinary and great ones. The arena as big as Hollywood surely has most of the top paid actors, directors, producers and the rest of the film making team. Hollywood has wide variety of jobs for people from all walks of life but the highest paying jobs in Hollywood are for the people involved in the main stream only. In Hollywood, the lime light, experience and fame decides the amount of pay you get. It’s not always about hard work!
Let’s find out about the highest paid jobs in Hollywood!

1) Producer

A producer is one who brings money to fund the film. He reads scripts, listens to all the ideas being put forward by the writer and then after choosing an idea, he makes up his own team. In Hollywood, a producer can be a writer, actor, investor, director and sometimes all of the above. The producer is the backbone of a successful film. He is responsible for all the phases of production. A good producer not only makes a good film but also stays in the budget throughout the process. The average salary of a producer ranges from $109,860 to $138,640.

2) Director

Directors are the real building blocks along with the cinematographers behind a successful film. They keep a close eye on the creativity and artistic side of a film. They are not involved in any of the financial dealings. They interact with the cinematographer since the beginning of a film and their say is the final one. They are the ones who choose art directors, cameramen, cinematographers, actors and casting directors. Many of the decisions taken by a director are considered to be the final ones. Their average annual salary is $109,860.

3) Screen-writers

Screen-writers add all the words to an actor’s movements. They often write the whole script and look around to sell their idea while other experienced screen-writers just put forward their idea in front of the director then the director’s response decides on the next level. At times, the screen-writers are hired by the producer and director to give words to their idea. Their average salary is around $78,860.

4) Editors

Editors are the most hard working and important people in the making of a film yet so less glamorous. They spend days and nights in front of the consoles and transform hundreds of hours of shoots into ninety minutes beautiful film. Their pay scale is quite less as compared to the amount of work they do. Their annual salary is about $74,200.

5) Actors

Actors are the most well-known people among them all. They are the ones who enjoy the real lime light. They bridge the screen-writer’s words and director’s vision with the audience. It takes them a few formal trainings to be successful.  The most successful and top-notch actors can earn up to $20 million for a single film.

6) Art Director

Art Directors are one of the most creative people in this film industry. They are the ones who bring a director’s fictional world to life. They along with directors and producers decide on which sets and locations are to choose while staying in the budget. The set designers prop masters, decorators, draftsmen all work under the art director. Their annual pay is around $125,010.

7) Construction Manager

Construction manager works closely with the art director to make the director’s dream come true. He uses all the woods, paints, nails and plaster to make up a whole new world from scratch. Making a new movie is like making a new building from ground level. They require specialized training to make all the sets, homes and buildings to add extra effects to all the shots. A construction manager annually earns around $91, 620.

8) Cinematographer and Director of Photography

Cinematographers convert the director’s vision and the screen-writer’s words onto a film. No matter how extraordinary your script, actors and directors are, the film will be busted if it won’t be captured intelligently. That is the reason why Hollywood directors spend so much in cinematography. A cinematographer has an artistic mind; he is a master of technology. Along with him, director of photography is another important person. All the issues related to cameras and lens come under him. Apart from high level cinematographers, the average ones earn around $52,380.

9) Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia artists and animators have increased since the last decade. Starting off with one of the biggest hit of all times “Titanic”, multimedia artists and animators received a boost in their career. The most popular animation studios include Pixar and George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Teams of talented artists and animators are hired to create all the animations keeping in mind the director’s idea. Every time they have to start off their work from scratch. Their average salary is around $72, 380.

10) Talent Agents

Talent agents are the ones who keep running here and there to get the dates from actors, negotiating on rates offer by the movie studios, shopping around all the stuff needed for the film. In Hollywood, there are agencies which offer talents agents to top actors, directors and producers. They deal with booking your tickets to getting coffee on your sets. All these come under talent agents. They are the real workers on the set yet they never receive the lime light. Their annual pay is around $178, 340.
These are the 10 highest paying jobs in Hollywood. Hope you guys enjoyed!
Stay Blessed!

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