Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Justin Bieber Video Hits One Million Views on Instagram!

justin beiber goes shirtlessThe voice that has banged the strings of your heart too badly that at least you confess, he got what it takes to be a rock star. The vibrant, visionary and vivacious teen island, Justin Bieber is no doubt the heart and love of every girl whether 3 or 30. Just a video for fun on YouTube, has made him to shimmer on the world of iconic melody and introduce a silent boy to the dazzling star. When Bieber and Lady Gaga, both closed on 1 billion all time YouTube views, Bieber set a major record, becoming the first person to reach 2 billion and now thanks to army of Beliebers, Bieber has made a history by becoming the first person to reach 3 billion YouTube View, here is the another 1 million story by the Beliebers army. According to the latest reveal, Justin Bieber video hits one million views on instagram, turning him into one of the most popular young celebrities all over again!

His best selling

Justin made his appearance in music world in 2009 with his debut album My World in 2009 which made its part in top 20 in five countries including US and UK. But this was just the beginning of Canadian pop star; he got fame and success by leaps and bounds since then. He won many awards in a span of 4 years, including artist of the year in 2010, American Music Awards, 2012 American Music Award and was nominated for Best New Artist and best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. His album My World 2.0 released in 2010 became the top selling album and became the favorite pop/rock album. In 2012 his album got award too. He was the first artist to have seven songs from debuted record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bieber on Social media

justin bieber on social media
The cute owner of a dazzling personality and vivacious voice that hits a rocking beat to a drowning melody has over millions of fans, with only 9 million fans on Instagram and 4 million fans on twitter, 54 million fans on Facebook and Billions more roaming around alive around the crazy streets of Canada, USA and around the globe.

One million views on Instagram

Justin Bieber who is considered as a new sensation in music world who have swept the records, hits and selling of all other music artist in a jiff, this all happened because of his talented voice, sweet and cute with a touch of dashing appearance due to which millions of girls are his fan for sure. His single move and activity, even his single breath is now noticed by his fans and this won’t be a surprise of element that the shirtless video of 15 seconds, enriched with his splendid lively smiles and fortified with cute expressions, on Instagram in a span of one year have gone one million view till date, where all what he said was”Hey guys there is a crazy news, there is a video on Instagram”.

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