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Best Freelancing Websites To Find Work in Pakistan

Find work in PakistanFreelancing is becoming quite a business in the developing countries, especially the Asians. This is because of their increasing literacy rate and less job opportunities so people turn towards earning from home which is known as Freelancing. Countries like Pakistan, India, Sirilanka, and Bangladesh are among the developing countries having highest number of freelancers. Here we will discuss the best freelancing sites in Pakistan that you can join to start earning money!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

8 Crispy Tips to Follow while Selling Homemade Jewelry Online

Selling Homemade Jewelry OnlineThere are certain belongings that are always needed by the customers irrespective of their locality, nature and status. Looking good and being admired for the accessories they wear, women and young ladies are always in search of inexpensive and trendy jewelries that complement their dresses and match their personality.

How Grandparents can Cash Out their Skills and Experiences Online?

How Grandparents can Cash Out their Skills and Experiences OnlineGrandparents play a vital role in a family’s life. With their skills and experience, they lead their families. They are the role models and provide great guidance to all. After retirement, they usually end up staying at home while their talents go wasted. If your grandparents are in good health and willing to spend their time by making money online, you can share our ways to them.

Friday, 28 June 2013

10 Ways for Housewives to Start Earning Online

10 Ways for Housewives to Start Earning OnlineIt’s high time now and housewives should get up and start utilizing their great talents. Why should they stay behind when they can reach the top and be a helping hand? There are so many ways in which housewives can start earning online. They can do whatever they are good at or learn some new skill and start working smartly. We will provide you some rich income ways to make hot cash online!

What to use in Pakistan? Payoneer or Moneybookers?

Payoneer vs MoneybookersE-commerce payment system commonly known as “Online Payment System” is the most common form of payment for e-commerce transactions over the internet.  Popular companies like Paypal and Payza allow users to make transactions over the internet safely by enabling them to create an online account. Users transfer their funds from traditional bank accounts or credit cards to these online accounts viaAutomated Clearing House (ACH). Users can therefore send/receive online payment securely. Although a credit card can also be used but it has a huge risk of credit card fraud. Therefore for eliminating this risk Paypal and other such online payment systems are used instead.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

5 Ways for Housewives to Teach Online

5 Ways for Housewives to Teach OnlineTeaching is one of the most respected professions all over the world. A good teacher plays a vital role in a student’s life. Therefore, teaching is not a piece of cake. Making others understand things in your way is truly a difficult task. However for some people, it is an excellent way of making money online.
The talented housewives who have gone through proper education but their lives’ responsibilities made them stay at home, can surely avail this golden chance. They can put their efforts and skills to some use. They can utilize their talents and help others learn something they are good at. They can start off right away with teaching people online. Online jobs are the most convenient ones for housewives. They can set their own schedules and work as per convenience. Here, we are presenting 5 ways for housewives to teach online.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How can Housewives run a Boutique through OLX?

How can housewives run a boutique through OLXBeing housewives, it sometimes gets very difficult for women to lend a hand in running the family. Most of the times, the household chores and other responsibilities do not let them do what they desire and their talent goes wasted. They just need a chance, a platform to showcase their talent and make them visible in this world.  So here we are bringing a different yet effective way of earning for all housewives. We have some interesting ways for you about how can housewives run a boutique through OLX Pakistan and make a cherished living right from their cozy homes!

Make Money by Watching Movies and Writing Reviews

make money by watching movies and writing reviewsMaking money online is no more a difficult game to play, in fact, if you are truly a money maker and want to cash every bit of your talent, there is nothing stopping you from generating decent dollars for yourself. Have you ever thought of getting paid for watching latest movies and letting people know a little about how actually the movie was? If not, then here comes a new way to make money by watching movies and writing reviews on them. Although there are thousands of other ways through which you can enjoy some better results but again, there is nothing like free lunches and to enjoy great revenue, you need to invest great time, quality and efforts too.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

5 Shocking Ways to Make Money Online when Jobless!

make money online when joblessBeing jobless doesn’t mean that you are useless too. For sure, you are NOT! These days when see the real-world opportunities getting saturated for the fresh graduates especially, there is an emerging field on online earning which is been availed by a majority of people these days, in some way or the other. If you are not happy with your current job or even not able to get a hold of one, here are some easy, yet worth following ways to make money online when jobless. These ways work like magic, turning into an online businessman who may own a huge online empire if things work in their best way.

10 Smart Tips For Raising Money on KickStarter

Tips for raising money on KickstarterMany famous projects, that went on to become successful products, were funded by Kickstarter. Some of the many examples of success that you’ll find include Ukiyo-e-Heroes, a parody art project that pledged a $313,341 and was 3,012% funded and went on to become a major success, Wasteland 2 which was funded its pledge of $500,000 in a small time of 17 hours. While Kickstarter has a lot of success stories to boast about, but it is certainly not a gold mine. It’s not easy to become an overnight success, but that demands a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some smart tips for raising money on Kickstarter that are sure to help you along the way.

10 Tips To Identify Work-From-Home email Scams!

Email scam“Earn a lot of money by working very little right from your home!!!” Does this line sound familiar to you? Of course it does! This phrase is often used at the spear-head of the many scam emails that try to dupe you out of your money. Indeed, many fall prey to such ruthless ‘get-rich-quick’ and ‘work-from-home’ schemes, because they often get fooled by some of the many tactics such scams use. Now I am not saying that all such schemes are scams, but you should know better than to submit a ‘transfer’ fee whenever some Nigerian prince has millions of dollars in his bank account, which are now up for grabs. Here are some top tips on how to identify email scams that try to trick you out of your money.

15 Most Common Mistakes Young Startups Make

15 Most Common Mistakes Young Startups Make 2013Are you a novice entrepreneur? Are you about to start up your own business? If yes, do you have any idea how badly you are going to fail? Astonished! Well, this was not meant to de-motivate you. This is just to warn you about the failures followed by the most common mistakes of the young startups.
Most of the young startups fail these days just because of ditching the most practiced norms and tradition while others fail just because they are meant to fail. Whatever the case maybe, you must not stop trying. Here are a few guidelines about how to avoid the most common mistakes and keep yourself safe with success in your own hands.

Justin Bieber Video Hits One Million Views on Instagram!

justin beiber goes shirtlessThe voice that has banged the strings of your heart too badly that at least you confess, he got what it takes to be a rock star. The vibrant, visionary and vivacious teen island, Justin Bieber is no doubt the heart and love of every girl whether 3 or 30. Just a video for fun on YouTube, has made him to shimmer on the world of iconic melody and introduce a silent boy to the dazzling star. When Bieber and Lady Gaga, both closed on 1 billion all time YouTube views, Bieber set a major record, becoming the first person to reach 2 billion and now thanks to army of Beliebers, Bieber has made a history by becoming the first person to reach 3 billion YouTube View, here is the another 1 million story by the Beliebers army. According to the latest reveal, Justin Bieber video hits one million views on instagram, turning him into one of the most popular young celebrities all over again!

35+ Websites to Visit If you are Jobless or Unemployed

websites to visit when joblessBeing jobless itself is more than a misery and the financial crisis it introduce further spoil the talent that one possess. If you are enjoying boredom these days and do not have anything creative to make a use of your skills then what you really need to do right now is to explore the online platform to avails thousands of opportunities that can pay you pretty well. Here is a smart list of 35 websites to visit when jobless or unemployed that can really help you in earning your livings.

10 Rich Income Ways To Make Hot Cash Online!

10 Rich Income Ways To Make Hot Cash Online
Earning a living by making money online has become one of the fast growing trends in all parts of the world. With the ease of working right from your homes according to your own schedule, more and more people are opting for working online instead to the daily 9 to 5 job.  Apart from blogging and freelancing, there are so many ways to make money online. You just have to be creative and a bit unique to stand out among the crowd in order to make a good living. Here we are sharing some rich income ways to make hot cash online.

5 Exciting Tips To Sell Kurtas and Indian Sarees Online!

Sell Kurtas and indian Sarees onlineIf you are a businessman running a shop or an outlet and sell Kurtas and Indian Saris, then you can simply maximize your earnings by turning your shop into an online platform. Thanks to the concept of Online Shopping, an online business works like magic and can give a real boost your income significantly. How about thinking out of your city and country to sell your special clothing? Idea is amazing, isn’t it? If you deal in embroidery, handwork, Kurtas, Sarees, Eastern wear skirts, Shilwar Kameez and Silk wears, you have a huge audience to focus all over the world.

15 Important Tips for First-Time Startup Investors

15 Important Tips for First-Time Startup InvestorsStartup investments are more like gambling with the only difference being that you get to choose and finally decide where to loose your money. However, there is also a brighter side to startup investments if you start using your instincts properly. Startup investors need to focus on their paths and must be keen enough to get into the business and find out its real benefit in order to make their startup a successful one. Startup investment is not at all easy but you can strive hard to make a room for yourself.

5 Alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan

Paypal alternativesPayPal is an online payment processing service. It is one of the most used global fund-transferring service. Starting from 1998, PayPal has now spread almost all over the globe and is effectively in use by the major business organizations because of its efficient services which enable it to serve as a perfect replacement for the traditional paper commerce methodologies of the cheques and money orders which are simply a no-go in the current circumstances. PayPal, however is not supported in countries like Pakistan due to many reasons. The major among them are the various policies and laws here in Pakistan that make it difficult for PayPal to effectively provide its services here and this is why they will just not allow to create an authorized account the usual way. There are certain tricks that sure do allow you to create an authorized PayPal account In Pakistan but you never know when they come into PayPal’s notice and they eradicate their success chances too. Now instead of living that harsh chance-based life by still using PayPal here, why not try some good alternatives. You might not get the same level of services with them but they still would serve your purpose. Let’s take a look at some good alternatives to PayPal in Pakistan.

10 Most Popular International Fashion Brands in 2013

Popular international fashion brandsFollowing latest fashion and being trendy is turning into  a necessity of life where brands really matter.  It is your brand that reveals about your taste, your class and your status-indirectly. If you are brand conscious and want to know about the popular international fashion brands, this is the place you landed correctly. Style changes and so do the duration of a particular brand, however, it is interesting to see that the most popular international fashion brands are continuing a huge followership since the time they are introduced into the fashion world. Whether it be Gucci or Tiffany, Zara or  Rolex, they enjoy having a X-factor attached to them!
Here are the top 10 most Popular International Fashion Brands that are ruling the fashion industry in 2013!
Have a look!

1)Forever 21

Headquartered in: Los Angles, California
Deals in: Apparel
Owner: Do Won Chang
It’s like having a makeover and feeling beautiful again, satisfying your cravings for fashion that you always wanted, with the glorious shadows and daring flares walking out of the American retailers Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sock Chang, who has brought the glamour initially to the mini world of kids but today uncompressing everything that you can possibly think of to wear. They started in 1984 and by today they are the first one to own European store in Ireland in Dublin. Fashion 21 has its roots spread all over Middle East, Europe, Asia and America.

2)Abercrombie & Fitch

Headquartered in: New Albany, Ohio, US
Deals in: Retail
Owner: David T. Abercrombie
Abercrombie & Fitch fashion brand
No one cares how you look daily, normally designer care how you should look in parties, but Abercrombie & Fitch are the first one of its own kind, believing upon casual luxury. They are considering and focusing on casual wear for people from age 18-22 years. Initially starting up with selling popular shotguns, tents and fishing rods it has turn to clothing with flawlessly soft and beautiful prints. The company owns a huge 2 story stores in over 300 locations in United States.


Headquartered in: Stockholm, Sweden
Deals in: Retail
Owner: Erling Persson
H&M fashion brands 2013
Whether it’s about shopping for your baby or for you to stay with the fashion trends, H&M will always remain on priority if you ever had anything from the Hennes & Mauritz fashion destination. Either you are looking for rare vintage garments from 1920 or having girlish wonders about animal prints, you will come back to the boys because you will definitely find one of their stores in your city, as they exist in 43 countries round the globe. This Swedish multinational company is the second largest global clothing retailers who are considered best over Gap, the United States clothing retailers. H&M has net income of over 18.68 billions

4)American Eagle Outfitters

Headquartered in: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S
Deals in: Retail
Owner: Jerry and Mark Silverman
American Eagle Outfitters popular brand
All styles are available under one zone by Silverman brothers, Jerry and Mark, American clothing and accessory retailers. Whether you are looking for graphic T-shirts, swimwear, Henley shirts or low-rice jeans it has got everything in every store out of 900.The company targets 15-25 year old people. Abercrombie & Fitch has sued American Eagles more than thrice for copying its designs and advertisements; still they are currently found to have celebrations over the inauguration of their store in Mexico.

5)Tiffany & Co

Headquartered in: New York City, USA
Deals in: Jewelers, Silversmiths
Owner: Charles Lewis Tiffany, Teddy Young
Tiffany & Co brand
The creators of stunning and elegant jewelry, has been the world’s premier jewelers, captivating the originality in its elegance. The spectacularly glamorous designs by tiffany & Co are on mission to protect the creativity of human nature and the beauty of nature and so you will always find them at your best occasions shimmering in your fingers and body. From diamond jewelry to fragrances, and personal accessories to leather goods it has got the flawless stars under its roof. They market themselves as the arbiter of taste and style.

6)Hollister Co

Headquartered in: New Albany
Deals in: Casual wear
Owner: Mike Jeffries
Hollister Co
Are you madly in love with the designation of being the ‘Coolest’? Then certainly it’s a place for your cravings of fashion to come to an end. The super cool brand offers the hottest new looks for dudes and Betties. The American lifestyle brand by Abercrombie & Fitch Co has brought the Southern California to the world. It is mostly preferred by the teens in US due to its low cost and style variations.


Headquartered in: Florence, Italy
Deals in: Consumer Goods
Owner: Guccio Gucci
Gucci newyork fashion brand
Whenever you got to gift a bracelet, necklace, exquisite rings or leather wallets, Gucci strikes the neurons of your brain to be the first store to look upon. It is a world’s leading and biggest selling Italian luxury brand, founded in 1921, in Florence by Guccio Gucci. It has over 278 stores worldwide. They own a world record in Guinness World records in 1998, of selling the most expensive pair of jeans for US $3,134 in Milan.


Headquartered in: Arteixo, Spain
Deals in: Retail
Owner: Amancio Ortega
Zara popular fashion brand
Enjoy the latest from the Spanish clothing and accessory retailers for men, women and kids. The brand has over 1,763 stores and 171 kiddy’s classic stores spreading in the world’s largest cities. The secret to their expansion lies over a fact that they launch over 10,000 new designs each year. The fashion group also owns brands like Pull and bear, Bershka and Massimo Dutti. Amancio Ortega first opened the store in 1975 inspired from the movie Zorba the Greek.


Headquartered in: Geneva, Switzerland
Deals in: Watch manufacturing
Owner: Alfred Davis
Rolex fashion brand 2013
It is a brand that speaks of its superiority by its name. For many decades brands in watch making tried their level best to compete with this unbeatable giant who has become the favorite of the rich wrists. However Rolex have been producing some of the finest watches in all sort of elements whether it is gold, silver or platinum the prime option always remains Rolex for the brand conscious people.

10)Wet Seal

Headquartered in: Foothill Ranch, California
Deals in: Retail
Owner: Lorne Huycke
Wet Seal brand
It is a brand exclusive for ladies. The company was founded in 1962 and since has been in status of providing maximum branded clothing to the desire of every woman. From apparels till the clothing they have made possible to fill themselves in every niche possible.
Following brands and spending what you earn according to your status is a good practice, yet, try not to be too brand conscious as this race has no finish line!

10 Ways Freelancers Can Receive Money Online in Pakistan

Freelancers can receive money onlineDoing an online job or managing an online business requires you to know a little bit about how freelancers can receive money onlinefrom different countries and from different clients. Although there are hundreds of ways for money transfer, there are only a few you can actually trust on. Making your life easier and safe at the same time, we have something worth following here. If you are a freelancer or into some online business, here are the 10 best ways freelancers can receive money online not only in Pakistan but across the globe.


Moneybookers allows you to send and receive money through your bank account, debit cards and credit cards. This mean that you can transfer or receive money with a few steps been made with few clicks. The only disadvantage of moneybookers is that you cannot use it in online shopping.


It might have amazed a few of you that it’s not PayPal being first on the list here, though it stands as the leading online transaction company. If you are living in Pakistan, India or Afghanistan, then you must be delighted with this fact that PayPal though claims itself as an international transaction company; there are countries which it doesn’t facilitate. However, despite of this limitation, this mean of transfer is used most widely all over the world.

3)Western Union

If you are looking for a quick method of money transfer, Western Union enjoys the privilege here. There are around 300,000 outlets of Western Union all around the world. All you need to do is to deposit the payment at your nearest outlet and the other person collects it from his nearest outlet.
What else can be more convenient?


This one is my personal favorite as I had used it for a couple months too. It offers similar functions that PayPal offers to its customers.

5)Google Wallet

Heard of Google Checkout ever? It is now known as Google Wallet. Offering a low fee been charged for receiving payments from all over the world and all over the world, Google Wallet is a good option to choose.

6)Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The best part about this option is that there is no third party involve and the payment is transferred from one account to another.

7) Cash Wire Transfer

If you are easy with a slow, yet safe transaction, EFT is a good option. What happens is that the sender visits the bank and orders the transfer. The code is then send to the receiver for fund disbursement.

8) MoneyGram

It offers similar services as that of Western Union with one drawback only that there are a few branches as compared Western Union.


With Xoom, Your client can choose payment options like credit card, bank account or PayPal, and send the funds directly to your preferred account. It is an easy way overall.

10) Escrow

It is one of the most secure ways of money transfer where buyers and freelancers can process payments online.
This is considered by many as the most secure method for buyers and freelancers to process payments online. . Escrow is a recommended option when working on a big job with an unknown client.
We hope that the above stated ways through which freelancers can receive money online would help you out in your online career,
Share your views about it,

What do Actors and Athletes have in common?

Actors-and-Athletes-have-in-commonActors and athletes are the two most talked about occupations of the world. Everybody knows about them and their lives. Whether you like them or not, you probably know them all. Even our social media is full of their news and events. You will rarely come across a news without their intervention.  Famous actors and athletes are the main body of  all the happenings in the entertainment industry. No news, no event and no entertainment is complete without them. They are people from two different walks of life yet so closely related to each other.
You must be wondering about how they are so closely related. What do they have in common? Have a look!

1) Fame

All the actors and athletes, at a certain point of their career, enjoy fame and glory. Their work and fame is what makes the people remember them for years. However, this path to fame is not at all easy for any of them.  This just didn’t happen by an accident. Winning millions of hearts is not a piece of cake! It requires ultimate hard work and pure dedication to make a special room for yourself in this world where there are many talented people out there.
Being famous, is never their prime goal but they do strive hard to achieve their goals. They believe in their potentials, acknowledge their competitors and realize that getting famous is not an easy game. They don’t run after their dreams, they follow a path to reach their benchmarks.

2) Unique

Despite of being in similar shoes, actors and athletes are unique in their own way. Being unique, is the second thing in common. They do things that inspire and attract people. They know how to capture the audience beyond the boundaries of age, culture and class. They are famous and different for all. They are never afraid to be unique. They just bring up something innovative and set the new trends everywhere. Actors and athletes do what they desire with strong believe in themselves and end up conquering the whole world!

3) Grab Opportunities

Actors and athletes grab opportunities just when they knock their doors. They don’t just sit and ponder, they go for it! They take risks, they fail and they keep moving on! This is an open secret behind their success and fame. They do what they actually love doing and entertain the world by their own interests. It is their game but they play it according to what their people ask for. The most famous of them all are those who have a passion to drive their dreams to completion and make the world look up to them.

4) Brand Ambassadors

A lot of actors and athletes are into endorsing different brands. This has like become “the thing” of actors and athletes. Half of the brands sell their products with the help and name of popular actors and athletes.  Most of the brands are well-known due to the famous personalities being involved with them. Fame is a name game! It only takes a good name to stand out the crowd and that is just what the brands get from these actors and athletes.

5) Flashy and Lavish Lifestyle

Being flashy and lavish, does not only imply being rich. It also depicts what kind of career you are into and which public icon you are. Most of the actors and athletes have an ostentatious lifestyle just because they need to maintain their position and ranking among the other celebrities. This is the most common thing among all the famous actors and athletes.
Despite being from two completely different industries, they have these five things in common. Hope you guys enjoyed!
Stay Blessed!

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Hollywood

Highest Paying Jobs in HollywoodHollywood is a big place and all the people working there are bound to be some extraordinary and great ones. The arena as big as Hollywood surely has most of the top paid actors, directors, producers and the rest of the film making team. Hollywood has wide variety of jobs for people from all walks of life but the highest paying jobs in Hollywood are for the people involved in the main stream only. In Hollywood, the lime light, experience and fame decides the amount of pay you get. It’s not always about hard work!
Let’s find out about the highest paid jobs in Hollywood!

1) Producer

A producer is one who brings money to fund the film. He reads scripts, listens to all the ideas being put forward by the writer and then after choosing an idea, he makes up his own team. In Hollywood, a producer can be a writer, actor, investor, director and sometimes all of the above. The producer is the backbone of a successful film. He is responsible for all the phases of production. A good producer not only makes a good film but also stays in the budget throughout the process. The average salary of a producer ranges from $109,860 to $138,640.

2) Director

Directors are the real building blocks along with the cinematographers behind a successful film. They keep a close eye on the creativity and artistic side of a film. They are not involved in any of the financial dealings. They interact with the cinematographer since the beginning of a film and their say is the final one. They are the ones who choose art directors, cameramen, cinematographers, actors and casting directors. Many of the decisions taken by a director are considered to be the final ones. Their average annual salary is $109,860.

3) Screen-writers

Screen-writers add all the words to an actor’s movements. They often write the whole script and look around to sell their idea while other experienced screen-writers just put forward their idea in front of the director then the director’s response decides on the next level. At times, the screen-writers are hired by the producer and director to give words to their idea. Their average salary is around $78,860.

4) Editors

Editors are the most hard working and important people in the making of a film yet so less glamorous. They spend days and nights in front of the consoles and transform hundreds of hours of shoots into ninety minutes beautiful film. Their pay scale is quite less as compared to the amount of work they do. Their annual salary is about $74,200.

5) Actors

Actors are the most well-known people among them all. They are the ones who enjoy the real lime light. They bridge the screen-writer’s words and director’s vision with the audience. It takes them a few formal trainings to be successful.  The most successful and top-notch actors can earn up to $20 million for a single film.

6) Art Director

Art Directors are one of the most creative people in this film industry. They are the ones who bring a director’s fictional world to life. They along with directors and producers decide on which sets and locations are to choose while staying in the budget. The set designers prop masters, decorators, draftsmen all work under the art director. Their annual pay is around $125,010.

7) Construction Manager

Construction manager works closely with the art director to make the director’s dream come true. He uses all the woods, paints, nails and plaster to make up a whole new world from scratch. Making a new movie is like making a new building from ground level. They require specialized training to make all the sets, homes and buildings to add extra effects to all the shots. A construction manager annually earns around $91, 620.

8) Cinematographer and Director of Photography

Cinematographers convert the director’s vision and the screen-writer’s words onto a film. No matter how extraordinary your script, actors and directors are, the film will be busted if it won’t be captured intelligently. That is the reason why Hollywood directors spend so much in cinematography. A cinematographer has an artistic mind; he is a master of technology. Along with him, director of photography is another important person. All the issues related to cameras and lens come under him. Apart from high level cinematographers, the average ones earn around $52,380.

9) Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia artists and animators have increased since the last decade. Starting off with one of the biggest hit of all times “Titanic”, multimedia artists and animators received a boost in their career. The most popular animation studios include Pixar and George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Teams of talented artists and animators are hired to create all the animations keeping in mind the director’s idea. Every time they have to start off their work from scratch. Their average salary is around $72, 380.

10) Talent Agents

Talent agents are the ones who keep running here and there to get the dates from actors, negotiating on rates offer by the movie studios, shopping around all the stuff needed for the film. In Hollywood, there are agencies which offer talents agents to top actors, directors and producers. They deal with booking your tickets to getting coffee on your sets. All these come under talent agents. They are the real workers on the set yet they never receive the lime light. Their annual pay is around $178, 340.
These are the 10 highest paying jobs in Hollywood. Hope you guys enjoyed!
Stay Blessed!

Expensive Cars Owned by LeBron James – The Basketball legend

Cars owned by LeBron JamesSaving the billions of money that you earn has never been any wise rich man’s approach. With such abundant printed paper, you tend to buy all you get your eyes on. Expensive mansions, expensive cars and expensive gadgets are among the top priority possessions you find with the rich, especially the celebrities. Fans often like to follow up on, and mirror such celebrities – from actors to sports players. LeBron James, the famous Basketball player, happens to be one, and he has a good collection of his own cars and keeps on adding it up when he wills. Let’s take a look at the cars owned by LeBron James, the Basketball legend!
LeBron Raymone James, born in Ohio, 1984 is an NBA Superstar. James is most commonly referred as ‘King Kames’ owing to the extraordinary basketball skills he possesses. The 6‘8’’ heighted King not only excels in the field but has also secured a position among the richest NBA Stars of all time. Starting by being the first pick in the NBA 2003 Draft, he collected several notable prizes in his field.
However, LeBron wasn’t always living his dream life. Back when he was young, his family immensely struggled to fulfill their basic needs but things changed. While at 20, during an interview with the Associated Press, James defined one his goals to be becoming a billionaire, although he had just started his career back then. No one could have though that through his motivation and determination he will one day turn this dream into the reality by standing among the richest athletes that live. Although there are tens of other basketball players who rank above him considering the annual earnings, but he is still wealthier than them owing to the fact that his major earnings are off the court i.e. $17M on-court and $33M off-court.

1. Ferrari F430 Spider

The customized lightweight V8 powered Spider which can give you a maximum of 490hp is among the James’ luxury cars. He customized it so as to accommodate his 6’8” body inside.
Cars owned by LeBron James -  Ferrari F430 Spider

2. Dodge Challenge SRT

His metallic gray Dodge Challenger comes with a 6.4 liter V8 engine. He uses the Challenger quite often when travelling with family.
Cars owned by LeBron James - Dodge Challenger SRT

3. Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Usually, only the rich can get a hold on this vehicle. LeBron is well, easily qualified for the criteria and hence owns this AMG packaged Benz S63 in white.
Car owned by LeBron James - Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

4. Hummer H2

You might be wondering, such a huge man but no huge vehicle? Well, here’s the answer to your queries. LeBron owns this Hummer H2 and no, he didn’t but this himself instead got this as a gift from his mom on his 18th birthday and yes! He was in high school when he got this.
Hummer H2

5. Chevrolet Camaro SS

Now you might say obsessed, since we have another of his ‘white-colored’ car, a Chevy to be precise.
Chevrolet Camaro SS

6. Jeep Wrangler

Well, here comes another of his ‘strong’ wheels and luckily, it is orange in color.
Jeep Wrangler

7. Maybach 57S

Yes he is rich and can afford to spend $500 grand on this luxury vehicle. After all, the King has to have some uniqueness and elegance in his choice and I guess that is what made him buy it in white.
Maybach 57S

8. Porsche 911 Turbo

Like he has a specific use of every vehicle he owns, this flat-6 530hp engine powered Porsche is what he enjoys traveling in at long road trips with friends.
Porsche 911 Turbo
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Top 10 Online Paid Survey Sites to make money in 2013

Online paid survey sitesAlthough there are thousands of ways to make money using the online medium as a platform, there are only a few you can really rely on to expecting considerable and consistent earnings. It has been seen that initially, initially people start up an online business as their part time activity and if you are also looking for a side business, easy and less time consuming, you need to look on the online paid survey sites that can pay you pretty well for working them as their agents and asking their potential customers to fill the survey forms to get a feedback. There are no real technicalities here and all you need is to get registered to one of the authenticonline paid survey sites and have a valid credit card for online transactions.
Here are the top 10 online paid survey sites to make money in 2013, have a look!


If people have been listening to you and eternally loving you for giving honest opinions of a problem, then you deserve to be here because you got all of the qualities that a leader website looking for. It the most eminent paid online survey site that has paid over $30000000 within 13 years of its existence. Majority of the people who get paid over their opinion, they stumble upon Globaltestmarket forever because of its long standing status, partnership with top companies with over 1400 clients in more than 60 and uniquely variant surveys. They pay you through cheque once you earned up to $50 only if you are among those 49 countries that support it.


It cannot be just the money that repays you for your time and thoughts; IPSOS has got tactics and brought fabulous options to attract people, like they give away points which you can use later to get vouchers and enjoy shopping and eating on various outlets. The fastest growing and world’s 3rd largest market research company has over 4,000 full professional stuff, certainly this is a key for you to understand that it’s not a spam and you can go for it. It has surveys over advertising research, media content, marketing research, quality and customer relationship management research, etc and conducts over 6 million surveys annually in over 100 countries. The key investors are from Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Here is where you need to do some homework and keep your eyes open because they are not going to send you an invitation; you need to be eager and determent to have fun daily by giving away your opinions over the funniest questions about your love life and celebs. No survey, but still you got 2.50 pounds just because you have done signing up. The site offers a lot more; it gives away prizes up to 500 pounds. You got your fingers intact? Good! Because that’s all what you need to click a poll, that is putting a latest research tools and techniques at your fingertips, be quick and start earning cash.


Get paid for your loyalty! They know how to stretch a dollar. If you have just done with a survey, good, you got the credit but here are few things you can do in everyday use to redeem amazing prices, like use its search engine, download the toolbar, fill out the special offers with your correct details, invite your friends, keep tracking Swag Codes and there you go with huge points, virtual currency and real life rewards like $15 Amazon gift card, $5 Wal-Mart Gift card etc. Be with a fastest growing company that has given away up to $41,684,718.


They are one of the most sophisticated ones enlisting here because up till now you have been deciding where to stay to get cash, but here they are going to decide whether you stay or not. If you are between 18-24 years, they are enrolling na├»ve fresh thinkers; you can give it a shot because they give away $3 per survey but it’s not that easy, best of luck. But once you are part of it, you will get money as well as products to test upon, and get happy because you will get them completely free and they will pay you for that.


Discover the power of your words, join for free and get invitations of surveys. Though it doesn’t have a nonstop supply of surveys and incentives per survey are lower than most, around $3 payout threshold, but it has quality of surveys to take. With recent comments the site has gone way downhill in terms of its customer services and not giving away its promising reward.


Your interests are unique and so your questions. How many times you noticed that people skip your questions by giving vague or sometimes alien answers, it’s time for you to get your answers. Ask question or help your dudes and Betties by answering to their queries and get rewards in form of points, redeem cool stuff like selection of stores on Amazon, or simply enjoy the cash. It is one of the most popular paid survey research panels that design the most stunning and professional polls like never before.


If you are too busy to take lengthy, snappy questionnaire but still you want to contribute your opinion to a community, then you can log on to this site and take brief, punch questionnaires and get pennies but it’s don’t worry the minimum you will get will be $4. You may not be able to gather a vacation on Thailand but at least you can get yourself a complementary dinner or redeem prizes monthly.

9) VansonBourne

If you are one of the gadget lovers and have been skeptical, optimistic and famous as critiques over apps and software, then they are exactly looking for you because this fastest growing Newbury based market research company is helping technology brands by delivering compelling and relevant content to them and reveal how vendors need to improve their content. It is basically a global IT market research company.

10) NewVistalive

Be a part of exciting and growing community with well over 100,000 panelists taking surveys regarding technology, media consumption, retail preferences, etc. The panel is exclusively available for UK residents but still you need to be sweet 16. Get register for free and once you qualify for the survey requirements get up to generous $5 per survey.
We wish you all the best with the above stated sites and for your online business earnings,

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