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Best Freelancing Websites To Find Work in Pakistan

Find work in PakistanFreelancing is becoming quite a business in the developing countries, especially the Asians. This is because of their increasing literacy rate and less job opportunities so people turn towards earning from home which is known as Freelancing. Countries like Pakistan, India, Sirilanka, and Bangladesh are among the developing countries having highest number of freelancers. Here we will discuss the best freelancing sites in Pakistan that you can join to start earning money!

5. is one of the leading freelancing sites used in Pakistan. It is an American based company developed by few Indians and Americans. They call themselves the best marketplace for freelance talent. The team abide by certain rules.
  • Provide you with a variety of freelancers.
  • Provide Freelancer with a variety of jobs.
  • Ensure safepay transfer between hiring company and the freelancer.
They claim to have more than a million users and have completed 3 million projects and transferred 7 million files via their network.
All sorts of jobs are available on from fields such as engineering works and web development to essay writing and photography. You can find legal advisors on


“Elance” is another highly used website for freelancing in Pakistan. “Elance” is also an American based company that is being run by experienced people from around the world. Their team holds people have graduation from universities from around the world, from Howard to Princeton and from Arizona to IIT, Bombay. They make their earning from a few investors like NEA (New Enterprise Associates), FirstMark Capital, Stripes Group, etc. They receive almost a million jobs each month.
The founders have given a tagline to their company “Work Differently” and they try their best to give their users something different. One thing which is different from other freelancing companies is this that Elance provides its users with a video chat so that the employer can easily interact with the freelancer and a good relationship is made between them.

3. is considered to be another highly used freelancing website by Pakistanis. Odesk is Another American based company which provides a platform for the companies to hire freelancers to do their jobs. They also come with a tagline “Odesk is where the world goes to work”.
The company was made in 2006 by Stratis Karmanlakis and Odysseas Tsataloss when a developed a youth development program for 2004 Olympics. For now the company is run by a team of expertise with Thomas Layton as their chief executive who was CEO of famous companies like Open table and ME tawab(acquired by google in 2010).
The is ranked #1 in the annual freelancer earnings and have a 1.9x market share as compared to the second largest online work space.
They have more than 1.5 millions jobs posted in 2012 and have the largest number registered users which number 3.1 million.

2. OLX

 I think every Pakistani would know about because of their massive marketing on television, radio, print media, and internet. Olx is an American and argentina based company which servers a link between buyers and sellers. They not only sell items and products but all sort of things even jobs. They recently opened their services in Pakistan in 2012 and proved to very successful due to their massive marketing.
They have a tagline “where buyer meets seller ” but for Pakistan a new tagline was introduced “yahan sab kuch bikta” which mean everything is sold here. And true that because all sort of things are available on from cars to electronics to pets to jobs, almost everything.
However they never market the freelancing ability but it is getting quite common use now-a-days and a lot of Pakistanis are doing online and part-time jobs via The main reason is they don’t charge a thing and the payment is only done when the job Is done. It is not being used excessively for freelancing but the rate at which it is growing soon it will become the top freelancing site of Pakistan as well.

1. is the worlds largest freelancing site. It is an Australia based company. They have user from all around the world. In 2012 DAWN news reported that freelancer is going to open its Pakistan site after the massive users from Pakistan. Pakistanis are among the third most freelancers working via
The company has a working professionals of around 8 million and have received more than 4.5 million projects from all around the world. The good thing in is that they offer the rates for different jobs themselves so that an evenness can be maintained by the employers.
As compared to other freelancing sites offers less variety of jobs but in great number. The jobs are the most common ones like web development, article writing, data entry and the most growing business now-a-days the mobile software development and etc.
They have a large social network as well and even allows its users to login using their Facebook accounts.

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