Tuesday, 25 June 2013

5 Alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan

Paypal alternativesPayPal is an online payment processing service. It is one of the most used global fund-transferring service. Starting from 1998, PayPal has now spread almost all over the globe and is effectively in use by the major business organizations because of its efficient services which enable it to serve as a perfect replacement for the traditional paper commerce methodologies of the cheques and money orders which are simply a no-go in the current circumstances. PayPal, however is not supported in countries like Pakistan due to many reasons. The major among them are the various policies and laws here in Pakistan that make it difficult for PayPal to effectively provide its services here and this is why they will just not allow to create an authorized account the usual way. There are certain tricks that sure do allow you to create an authorized PayPal account In Pakistan but you never know when they come into PayPal’s notice and they eradicate their success chances too. Now instead of living that harsh chance-based life by still using PayPal here, why not try some good alternatives. You might not get the same level of services with them but they still would serve your purpose. Let’s take a look at some good alternatives to PayPal in Pakistan.

1. Payza (AlertPay):

Formerly working as AlertPay, Payza is an online fund transferring service that allows you to quickly, securely, and conveniently send and receive money over the internet. It provides all the required services for an e-commerce business including the debit card support, prepaid cards, wire transfers, cheques and bank transfers. Owned by MH Pillars, Payza supports over 197 countries (including Pakistan) and 21 different currencies and has over 9 million users across the globe.

2. Western Union:

Western Union is a secure and widespread money transferring service which is affiliated with a large number of vendors here in Pakistan and so, serves as the perfect payment processing service that can replace PayPal. By being into service since the 19th century, WU has deep roots in this business and currently supports over 200 countries.
Western Union

3. Moneybookers (Skrill):

With over 36 million user base, Moneybookers (rebranding as Skrill) serves as one good alternative to PayPal in Pakistan. It is a simple, easy-to-use yet secure online payment processing service that fully provides the online funds transferring services like cheques, money orders and wire transfers. With its speedy integration with the various online vendors on a daily basis, Moneybookers is soon turning into a more massive e-commerce organization.

4. Payoneer:

A global payment processor with safe and secure services currently stands among the top services used for online transactions. Payoneer is specifically THE first service used by major freelancing organizations because of its great integration with such businesses. It currently supports 35 different currencies and operates in over 200 countries.

5. 2CheckOut:

2CheckOut (2CO) is not the best option to choose in place of PayPal but it does serve the purpose. With certain hard policies, it does not prove to be an easy alternative but it does support the various money transferring techniques and also provides support for a large number of countries around the globe including Pakistan.

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