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Success Story of One Pound Fish Man – Muhammad Shahid Nazir

One Pound Fish ManDid you ever think of a fisherman turning into a millionaire? Do you know what a single catchy song can do? No! Well, in Muhammad Shahid Nazir or more appropriately One Pond Fish Man’s case, everything turned out to be possible and probable. This man proved to be very lucky! No one can stop those who are actually favored by their luck!
The success story of One Pound Fish Man is an amazing and unbelievable story. The guy who used to sell £1 fish on someone else’s stall, now sells his own singles! Wow! What a turn of tables! From an innovative fishmonger to a YouTube sensation, this man has done wonders and made everyone tap their feet on his beat! He opened his doors just when the right opportunity struck him!

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One Pound Fish Man

Muhammad Shahid Nazir is more commonly known as the One Pound Fish (£1 Fish Man) man all over the world. He is a British based Pakistani who is a trader and a recording artist as well. He initially migrated to UK in order to continue his studies but later on, he started working at a fish stall. That switch in work completely changed his life and brought this fish man into the limelight. He is an epitome of how luck can turn the tables!

What made One Pound Fish so Successful?

When he started off with a fish stall at Queen’s Market, his employer instructed him to attract people towards the stall by a particular trader’s call. He then came up with the composition and a few lyrics of One Pound Fish which are as follows:
Come on ladies, come on ladies
One pound fish
Have-a, have-a look
One pound fish
Very, very good, very, very cheap
One pound fish
Six for five pound one pound each
These lyrics became a big hit and his song made him popular among all the fish sellers. People started to come to see him from faraway places and capture his voice. This song became viral once it was uploaded on YouTube and flooded the internet with One Pound Fish fans. It turned out to be an internet smash with people from all parts of the world, listening to his song at least once! His famous song has been covered by Alesha Dixon, Timbaland and Mindless Behavior so far.

Stardom of One Pound Fish

As he started getting famous on YouTube, Warner Music signed him as a recording artist in November 2013. Warner Music released a dance version of his market sales ‘One Pound Fish’. This comprised of all of a Bollywood version of dance style and a special appearance of former weatherman Michael Fish. When all this combined together, it turned out to be a biggest smash and topped the Christmas charts for 2012!
One Pound Fish Man Video

One Pound Fish Man in Pakistan

According to the sources, soon after the success of One Pound Fish, he came in the eyes of British and was soon asked to leave UK to come back again with another valid visa. Once he touched down in Pakistan, his over-whelmed fans reached to greet him with full valor. There were huge crowds to celebrate his return.
Once he came to Pakistan, he worked for PTCL with another of his song related to PTCL Landline. This man has hit some great luck and he unabatedly keeps reaching the land of fame and glory.

Quick Facts

  • BORN IN: Punjab Pakistan
  • ORIGIN: London, England
  • GENRES: Pop
  • OCCUPATION: Trader and Recording Artist
  • LABELS: Warner Music Group
Stay Blessed!!

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