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10 Things to Look for while Buying a Diamond Ring

10 things to look for while buying a diamond ringDiamond is said to be a girl’s best friend. Every girl wants to have at least one in her life. A diamond ring is a girl’s priced possession. After sharing tips for housewives and ladies out there, the next big thing is just round the corner. Here, we have 10 things to look for while buying a diamond ring.
Buying a diamond ring can be complex for both men and women. Since the diamond comes in different sizes, colors, cut and shapes, it gets very difficult to settle for the perfect one. You always need an advice and a sound knowledge before opting for one. So follow our tips and guidelines and own a beautiful diamond ring. Have a look!

1) Stick to your Budget

While buying a diamond ring for your loved ones, you need to focus on your budget. You just can’t go off the limits to make the other person glad. You need to set a budget and make sure your choice does not exceed to it. This will help you when you have purchased the diamond ring and your credit card bill does not make you cry. If you opt for higher price and bigger diamonds, you will probably regret going out of the budget so stick to it right from the start!

2) Think and Decide

Once you have decided to purchase a diamond, you must think of what type of ring you want to buy. Do all the research and thinking beforehand so that you do not waste your time, money and efforts. Choose from white/yellow gold, platinum or silver, white/colored diamonds and go straight to the sales person and let him know what you actually want.
Diamond Rings

3) Four C’s

While opting for a diamond ring, you must consider the four C’s. This includes Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Knowing all these is one of the most important pre-requisites. For color, it should be colorless and that will increase its value. By cut, it means the angle it was cut to reflect more light. Clarity ranges from flawless to inclusion and the more clear it is, the more valuable it becomes. Carat means the size of the ring; more than 1 carat is the most expensive one.

4) Invest cleverly in a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring is not only about its clarity and cut. You should focus on its net worth and the amount you will get when you will be selling it. Don’t just blindly go for buying a diamond with high cut and clarity.

5) Buy a sealed Diamond Ring

Sealed diamond ring means that it has neither been worn nor was it opened. It is the brand new diamond ring without and wear and tear. Such sealed diamonds are the most expensive of all.

6) Get a Second Opinion

Out of so many diamond rings and different cuts, you will probably get lost in the diamond world. Before buying a diamond ring, you should consult someone and seek advice of your friends and family. Make sure you have sound knowledge about the diamonds before you opt for one!

7) Pick smartly

Keep in mind the reputation of the jeweler and the diamond’s status before purchasing it. Don’t always go for the cheaper or more expensive ones as there is always a certain reason behind their price. If you know about some good jewelers then you surely are in the safe zone, else seek advice!

8) It’s never too early

Going out to buy a diamond ring is never too early. Everything takes time so you should start ordering now! Online orders and designing of a particular ring takes a whole lot of time. So start looking things now!

9) Bargain for what you love!

Women tend to be really good at bargaining but it is the job of their men to buy a diamond ring and some of them fail badly in bargaining. They are willing to pay any price for what they like. Don’t do that! Haggle as much as you can and save as much as possible while not comprising on the quality.

10) Certificate is all what matters!

Certificate is what matters the most once you have purchased the diamond ring. Every diamond comes with a certificate from GIA which also includes the 4 C’s and the exact diamond condition. This certificate helps you a lot when you are re-selling your diamond.
Diamond Ring Certificate
I hope all the men out there get to learn from this and make their partners delighted off their purchase of a beautiful diamond ring. All for now!
Stay Blessed!

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