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7 Cool Apps for People who Love Shopping

7CoolAppsforPeoplewhoLoveShopping_thumb.jpgTablets are the most widely used devices these days! With just a tap, you can land in a stratosphere of different applications. Once you land in there, you will probably get lost in this whole new world. You need to have a set of some appealing applications to go through.
Here we have 7 cool apps for the people who love shopping. These are some selected apps for all the shopaholics out there! These coolest apps are selected on the basis of their unique design, great ideas and social media interaction. You will be amazed to find out these awesome apps!
Have a look!

1) Art Circles

Art Circles is a retail app for with uncountable themes and bits of art. It has the most appealing and attractive user interface with a lot to play with. Art circle has done a splendid job by fitting form and function together and making it a cool app for all the tablets with the best-cutting UI. It has giant wheels of concepts, divided into themes and full of embodied collections.
Art Circles - Cool App

2) Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the best and cool app for the window shoppers. It is the most attractive department store window display on the internet. It provides you with an excellent window shopping experience which is closest to the real world window shopping. It will display a series of model looks to choose the perfect outfit for you. If something catches your eye and grabs your attention, you can click on the expandable link and you will be directed to the garment’s online page.
Kaleidoscope - Cool App

3) Shopkick

It is the best coupon grabbing and cool app for the tablets. It helps the shoppers to score coupons and gift cards from their favorite stores as it overlaps the line between real-world purchases and online interactivity. It does not sell anything actually; it just facilitates the shoppers and works best with your tablet, phone and your credit card. All you have to do is activate Shopkick on your tablet, purchase and item through your smartphone and then pay the bills via your credit card. It is that simple!
ShopKick - Cool App

4) Hukkster

Hukkster is one of the cool apps for tablets that offer you the smartest push notifications. Whenever you like an item on “Hukk” and you find it very expensive at the moment, you can always mark it. Once it gets lower or goes into sale items, it gives a notification so that you can purchase it then. A lot of people opt for sales and flash deals these days so Hukkster is the right choice for all of them! Instead of waiting for your favorite outfit’s price to go low, you can rest and wait for the cool app to send you a notification about that.
Hukkster - Cool App

5) Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter is another cool app for all those who want the world’s greatest designer accessories in one easy package. It offers you to buy all the luxury goods and designer clothing right from your homes. It displays everything from latest trends to designer interviews and what not!
Net-A-Porter - Cool App

6) ModCloth

ModCloth is one of the best site-to-app experiences. This cool app is an awesome one for all the shopaholics. With the fast growing popularity and success of the website, it has launched its app as well. Despite the fact that its UI does not meet the perfection of the website, it is still loved by all the people who love shopping since all the items are so nicely arranged.
ModCloth - Cool App

7) Wanelo

Wanelo is more like a social media website. It is another retail app which allows you to directly contact the designers. You can follow your favorite stores just like you follow a person on any social networking website. This cool app offers you to seek advice from designers and stylists. You can like, save and discuss products and items with your friends and family.
Wanelo - Cool App
Hope you all find these cool apps equally amazing and worth using. All for now!
Stay Blessed!

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