Friday, 12 July 2013

Watch Live Tarawih Prayers from Makkah

Watch Live Tarawih Prayers from MakkahRamadan Kareem is a month of physical and spiritual rejuvenation, recuperation, and restoration. It is a time when around 2 Billion Muslims around the world unite together in a Holy ritual that is fasting. But more than that, it is a month whereby Allah showers His countless blessings on any Muslim that is seeking them. During this month, Muslims around the world fast during the whole day, and indulge in the worship of Allah at night, and offer the Tarawih Prayers. As always, in this Ramazan, we will share with our Muslim readers all around the world a direct streaming link whereby they can watch the Tarawih Prayers Live from Makkah! Listen to the beautiful voice of the Imaan-e-Kaabah and experience the spirituality that you might have been missing out!
The Tarawih prayers are a part of Ramadan (non-obligatory). They are offered along with the usual Isha prayers (night-time prayers). They are longer than usual prayers, and it is customary for the prayer leaders to complete the Holy Quran at least once in Tarawih prayers throughout the month of Ramadan. Hence, the people offering Tarawih prayers can benefit simply by listening to The Quran. And what better way to listen to the Holy Quran than in the beautiful voices of Imam-e-Kaaba and Haram?
To watch Taraweeh Prayers live from Mecca, just follow the video link given above. This YouTube Channel has been set up by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information, and it aims at helping people experience the atmosphere Al-Masjid Al-Haram. The transmission comes straight from the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
This is a really great gesture, and we thank everybody involved for it. Muslims all around the world can take full its full advantage, and enjoy their night-time prayer time! Hope you like this post, and will check the stream. Also spread the word so that other fellows can learn about it too! And if you have any questions regarding things discussed in this post and previous posts about Ramadan, then feel free to ask. Peace and blessings people

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