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10 Tips to Increase App Downloads on PlayStore and AppStore

How to Increase Downloads of your App on PlayStore and AppStoreThere are millions of apps being downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore each month. There are a huge number of developers making apps and uploading them but yours must stand out the crowd. In order you make your app a unique and different one, you must follow our guidelines and tips to Increase Downloads of your App on PlayStore and AppStore.
If you are developing an app then keep in mind, making an app is just the first step! You need to do a lot of homework. Make sure you have a great app and you love it more than anyone else, then only people will love it and download it more!

1) Create a Buzz through Creative Marketing

Let other people know about your app. Make it viral all over the internet. Target the right audience. If your app is related to business then creatively market your app on LinkedIn. You will get huge response from people. No one will download your app unless they know about it. So start publicizing it as soon as you are done!

2) Testing your App

Testing is not a simple or one time task! You need to keep on testing your app and make sure you reduce the amount of bugs and get good ratings. However, it is obvious that you can’t remove all bugs but you can always keep trying. This way you get good review and your app rating will increase.

3) Unique Presentation

As it is always known that first impression is always the last impression, you need to make your page on Play Store as attractive as possible. Make a really cool icon and display all the beautiful screenshots about how your app works. Your icon should be cool enough to attract new users to download your app.

4) SEO

Although your app will be displayed according to the category you choose, you must always make sure that your app is Search Engine Optimized. This will help the people in easily searching your app. There are so many users who opt for independent searches and they might lose your app! Be careful when you right the description and choose the right keywords.
Apps on PlayStore and AppleStore

5) Attractive UI

Never opt for porting an app from one platform to another. This is what annoys Google and Apple. Take out good time to make a design for your app. Google and Apple offer resources to make your UI an attractive one so you should go for their services. Your UI will surely help you in increasing your app downloads.

6) Make your App available for Tablets

A large number of apps are being designed and downloaded for tablets. If you really want your app to be popular, you should make it available for different screen sizes.

7) Stay Updated about the Latest Trends

Keep yourself updated to the new developer tools and APIs announced by Google and Apple. Make your app different using all the new techs announced and stand out among the crowd. Make your app innovative and get maximum downloads possible.
Google Play

8) International Merchandising

In order to increase your downloads, your app must have featured images and screenshots of its working. Google itself will translate your app and make it available in different languages for users from all over the world to download your app.

9) Perfect Time of Release

Choose the right of release for your app. Hit the iron when it’s hot! Target the buzz and go with the flow. Go for the things which are needed the most or for things which are the talk of the town these days. If you follow a perfect time, your app will surely get maximum downloads.

10) Exclusivity

If you have designed an app for a certain platform, state it! This is a plus point for selling your app on Google or Apple Play Store. Google and Apple appreciate that!
However, there isn’t any full proof formula for successfully selling an app but we hope these tips will help you increase your downloads!
Stay Blessed!

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