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7 Simple Ways to go from $0 to $1,000,000 in Two Years

7-Simple-Ways-to-go-from-0-to-1000000-in-Two-Years.jpgMoney making with a new business is not an easy task these days. You need to have the right business tactics and an intellectual mind in order to turn into a billionaire. At times, being a millionaire is quite a good option as well but why land among the stars when you can reach the skies.
There are many ways to earn money and cash out your skills and talents but here we are sharing 7 simple ways to go from $0 to $1,000,000 within two years. Yes! Just two years! Your dreams can actually come true!
You will have to work hard, follow the norms and keep your customers happy to have a successful start up.  If you follow our ways, you can surely reach the top!
Have a look!

1) Get rid of the Middleman

Middleman is the real player in any business. They eat up most of your profits and leave you with very little or no profits at all. They tend to give the impression that your business is no longer worth the struggle. So the first thing you must do is, getting rid of the middleman. Once you get rid of the middleman, go straight to the dealer and start working according to your conditions and agreements.

2) Pick an Old Business

When you are about to begin your own business, you must go with the wind. Don’t try to challenge your luck as not everyone can be Steve Jobs of Mark Zuckerberg. Pick up something that everyone needs. Go out and look up what are the needs of the people and where everyone lacks. Do what others are already doing but do it slightly better than them. You won’t even have to make extra efforts for its success then. Being a small startup, you can focus on a few customers and provide the good services which will thereby make a good name for you.

3) Get a Customer

Before opting for some extreme measures in a business, you need to have a few customers. Do some calculations and find out what you will get out of your current customers. If your calculations cross your danger level, then you should surely give it a try. Your customers are what determine the measures to be taken.

4) Build Trust

Aside from marketing yourself and making a place for yourself in this market, you need to build trust. Building customer’s trust is the vital point in any business. You can do that by writing your own blog. Blogging is all about telling your customers about the actual happenings in the business. Once they find your news equally true, they will automatically start trusting you for your services and products.

5) Blogging is not about money!

In business, blogging is not about earning money. It’s about building trust and gaining customer’s confidence which will automatically lead you to great opportunities. For good entrepreneurs, blogging played an important role in their success. Half of them did not even go door to door to get the clients. Their words were enough to attract the customers.

6) Never Say NO!

When you are new in the business and want to go a long way, never say NO! If people contact you for some work, take it and look for other resources doing that work. For instance, you started off as a credit card processing business but somebody contacted you for software development, take their work and assign it to a team of developers. Once you make a good product, you will open a whole new stratosphere for you!

7) Good Customer Service

Your customers are your real assets. Treat them like you treat your valuables; be them new or old. Everyone knows what customer services’ pitfalls are so try to overcome them all and reduce the customer’s waiting time. A good customer service promises a good and long term relationship with your customer and a promising increase in sales.
By following these 7 simple ways, any new business can survive and have a longer life. All for now!
Stay Blessed!

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