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Eye to Eye Exclusive Interview – Tahir Shah

Interview with Tahir ShahAfter the phenomenal success of ‘One Pound Fish’, we now have a new music sensation ‘Tahir Shah with his Eye to Eye’. This is another video which has become viral on the social media and everyone has been sharing and posting it to their friends. People crack various jokes about the lyrics but no matter what people say, this man has ruled the social media for weeks!
However, the reaction of the people wasn’t very encouraging for Tahir Shah but still he got a huge spot on the social media. Due to his fame and successful music venture, we are now featuring his interview. Hope you all like what he has to say!

Have a look!

Tahir Shah and His Early Life

When and where were you born?
I was born in a town near Karachi, Sindh on August 18th 1971.
What is your qualification?
I have completed my 10th grade from UK, B.Sc and then I opted for a Developmental Education Diploma. I also took some Business education.
How many siblings do you have? Are you married?
I have three siblings. Yes, I am happily married.
Were you a shy kid?
No, I have always been very bold and confident. I love trying new things.
Did you ever try singing before in school or college?
No, Eye to Eye was my first experience.
What is your career?
I am running a successful business.

Tahir Shah in Person

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Talking about my strengths; I am a very humble, polite and confident man and my biggest weakness is that I am unable to reject anyone.
Who is your inspiration when it comes to your style and dressing?
No one! I have my own style. My white suit has become my signature style now.
Which celebrities do you like?
I have always been a fan of Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins, Al Pacina, Karan Johar and Amitab Bachan. They are the ones who always knew what people want and desire to see!
What is your favorite past time?
I read books and novels in my spare time. I also spend good quality time with my family.
What are your favorite TV shows?
Well, they are quite a lot but Alpha Bravo Charlie, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and American Idol are my all time favorites.
You are quite fit. How do you manage that?
Being fit is a combination of a healthy diet and good exercise and I take care of both. I always go for a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
I wish to attain a decent position as a successful musician in the music industry.
Is social media really a good platform to achieve rapid fame?
Yes, indeed it is. News and events spread like wild fire on the social media. It is the fastest medium to make a news travel around the world and get recognition. You just need to have the right people at the right time!
What would you have done if Eye to Eye wouldn’t have received so much fame?
I would have simply stayed with my business.

Tahir Shah and his Eye to Eye

Do you believe in your lyrics? Is Eye to Eye about what you actually feel?
Yes, I strongly believe that love is directly or indirectly related to eyes and smile. That is the reason why I am happily married.
Was Eye to Eye a difficult venture?
Yes, it was quite difficult to compose this song and shoot its video.
Are you working on any other project?
Yes, I am working for a movie.
Why didn’t you opt for any model?
I didn’t want it to be a Bollywood style video, I just wanted to own this project and showcase my music skills.
Did you ever think of being a musician?
No, never! It was just a random experience and it turned out to be viral.
Did you have any surprising fan encounter?
No, but that will surely happen in near future.
Do these interviews, live shows and talks make you nervous?
No, I have always been trying new things and I love whatever I do. In fact, I am usually quite excited about my shows and interviews.
Did you ever regret making Eye to Eye?
No, why would I? The answers to your previous questions clarify my passion and love for my music.
Would you like to give a piece of advice to young musician?
All I have to say is; be yourself! Make your own music, do what you like and people will love you for what you are.
This is all from Tahir Shah and his Eye to Eye. Special thanks to Maria for conducting this interview!
Stay Blessed!

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