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Celebrities who Wear Tiffany as Major Brand in 2013

Celebrities who wear tiffanyBrands really matter, especially if you are either working on an elite designation or you are somehow related to Showbiz industry. Among all the leading brands that are known for their exclusive designs and high prices, Tiffany & Co. stands high in the race. There is a long list of celebrities who wear Tiffany as a pride and are seen supporting the brand on different occasions. The blue box enjoys being an outstanding status symbol for many celebrities who wear Tiffany as their major brand. The company that you know as Tiffany & Co. is an American multinational jewelry and silverware corporation that sells Jewelry, fragrances, crystal, stationary, personal accessories and leather goods. The corporation is well-known for its diamonds and diamond engagement rings.
Here is a unique collection of Celebrities who wear Tiffany as their major brand. Have a look!

Maria Sharapova wears Tiffany

Maria Sharapova wears tiffany
The queen of Tennis world, a woman with power, Maria Sharapova is a great follower of Tiffany jewelry. She is often seen wearing Tiffany accessories, even in the Tennis court!

Doutzen Kroes wears Tiffany

Doutzen Kroes wears Tiffany
Who doesn’t know this Dutch beauty? Born on 23 January 1985, she is known as a model and an actress. She is the 5th most earning models according to the Forbes listings. She is a great supporter of Tiffany and has done modeling for the brand too.

Kate Hudson wears Tiffany

Kate Hudson a wears tiffany
Born in Los Angeles in 1979, Kate Garry Hudson is a well-known American Actress. She is widely followed by many fans on Social media and loved for her work. She has been seen wearing Tiffany accessories often in parties and interviews.

Michelle Williams Wears Tiffany

Michelle Willams wears tiffany
She is also an American actress who started her acting career in early 90s. She has given some real hits to the film industry and is admired by many of her fans. Known for her beauty, the actress is brand conscious and wears Tiffany often.

Hilary Rhoda wears Tiffany

Hilary Rhoda wears tiffany
This American beauty is best known for her modeling and what made her more popular was her work with the Brand Estée Lauder. She is fond of jewelry and fashion and follows Tiffany.

Zhang Jingchu wears Tiffany

Zhang Jingchu wears Tiffany
Been graduated from the Central Academy of drama in Beijing, Zhang Jingchu is a capable Chinese actress and learnt English to make her language fluent so that she could then hope for Hollywood offers. She made her debut with a movie ‘Peacock’ which was a huge success. She loves Tiffany and wears it often.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Tiffany

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Tiffany
Born in March 25, 1965, Sarah is considered to be a veteran actress of the Hollywood industry. She is known for her acting, modeling, singing and production. Among her many hits, ‘Sex and the City’ series is really a prominent one. For her amazing work, she has received many awards by now and has been seen wearing Tiffany accessories in ceremonies and functions.

Dakota Fanning wears Tiffany

dakota fanning wears tiffany
She is an American actress, model and singer who have been seen in some phenomenal films including New Year’s Eve and Total recall.

Jessica Biel wears Tiffany

jessica biel wears tiffany
Jane Volturi of ‘The Twilight Saga’, is an American actress who enjoys a huge fan following. She also did some amazing roles as a child artist while being young. She too loves Tiffany and follows it.

Siwon wears Tiffany

siwon wears tiffany
He is a south Korean actor and singer and loved by followers all over the world. Tiffany’s key is something that goes pretty well with the men-wear of all types and Siwon is often seen wearing it.
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