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How can Housewives run a Boutique through OLX?

How can housewives run a boutique through OLXBeing housewives, it sometimes gets very difficult for women to lend a hand in running the family. Most of the times, the household chores and other responsibilities do not let them do what they desire and their talent goes wasted. They just need a chance, a platform to showcase their talent and make them visible in this world.  So here we are bringing a different yet effective way of earning for all housewives. We have some interesting ways for you about how can housewives run a boutique through OLX Pakistan and make a cherished living right from their cozy homes!
For all the housewives out there, get ready to unveil the most attractive way of earning a handsome amount from one of your favorite things. Clothes! Yes, all you have to do is follow our tips properly and rule the world!
Have a look!

How to Begin?

Go to the website OLX Pakistan and walk through it thoroughly. Check it in all the possible ways you can and once you feel comfortable in working with it, go on and sign up on OLX. For working online, you need to have a valid bank account. Mostly PayPal is used for such business transactions. However, if you don’t have PayPal, you don’t need to panic! There are other ways of international money transfer as well such as Western Union.

How to place an Advertisement?

Once you are done with making the account, you will have to post an advertisement. Click on ‘Post an Ad’ and choose your category of sale from the given list. Place an advertisement about your clothing and embroidery and then wait for a while to get feedback. Make your advertisement as happening as you can!

How to make an Attractive Advertisement?

You will get clients only if your advertisement is attractive enough to catch the eyes of the customers. It should be appealing and must clearly show what you actually have to sell. Take pictures of your clothing and flaunt every minute detail of the outfit. Take pictures from all the possible angles and put up the best ones. For clothing and embroidery, you will have to add multiple pictures so that other ladies out there will be well satisfied before buying your stuff.
Next step is to add complete description about your range of clothes and the styles you have to offer. Give details about the colors, the kind of embroidery, the names of all the styles and embellishments used. Describe everything your design has in it. Show off your clothing as much as you can but don’t go overboard. Never brag about your sales!
One more thing, while adding descriptions you must choose your words very clearly. Do not go for complex descriptions. Keep things simple and easily understandable by other housewives as well. Describe your product as you would want others to describe things for you. Or choose the words which are most commonly searched by the non-technical users. In technical terms, this is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps in bringing your product in the top searches so that you end up getting more and more clients.
Even if you follow these basic advertisement tips initially, you will surely make a good start. The rest you keep on learning while working. You can’t get the best of all the things in one go, so be patient and keep trying.

Payment and Delivery

After posting your ad, choose your payment and delivery methods. Give your customers an option of free delivery so that you can get an edge over other sellers on OLX. Such free and easy offerings attract the clients more easily.

Market your Boutique

When you are done with posting your ad on OLX, the biggest challenge is to market yourself and get yourself recognized in this huge world full of new clothing ranges everywhere. Therefore, in order to make yourself visible you will have to do a bit of homework as well. Make a Facebook page and share it as much as possible. Broaden your network and social circle. Initially ask your friends and family to publicize your clothing and embroidery. Make right use of your Facebook and attract as many ladies as you can! Market your online boutique wherever you can and use whatever ways you are comfortable with.
Hope this method of earning money online from home helps all the lovely ladies out there. All for now, do check back to find some more earnings ways for you! Best of Luck!
Stay Blessed!

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